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This is an update for all of our customers regarding the new standard fuel specification in the UK.  All Regal Autosport customers are currently recommended to use Shell V-Power 99 RON E5 fuel as a first choice, but may at times use ‘standard’ 95 RON fuel with sympathetic use when it is not easily available. … Read more

Project Huracan Part 5: More Bark

 With the VF800 Supercharger system fitted to the Huracan, it was only a matter of time before we ordered an exhaust system to complement the power increase  The factory exhaust on the Huracan sounds great initially but after hearing the factory sports exhaust and other aftermarket alternatives we started to want more! After looking at … Read more

Project Huracan Part 4: The Track Day

Attending numerous track day events throughout the UK and taking the trip over to Spa and the Nurburgring many times throughout the year, from day one our intention was to enjoy our Huracan on the race track. With that thought in mind, it may become immediately more obvious why we chose the supercharger route. The linear … Read more

Project Huracan Part 3: The Install

WOW! It’s been just over a month since the VF800 supercharger kit landed for our Huracan LP610-4. We haven’t managed to get a chance to install as of yet due to customer builds and a lot of travelling recently, and we wanted to make sure we shot the install for you. One of those trips … Read more

Regal Autosport at SEMA 2018

For those of you who don’t know, SEMA is most likely the largest aftermarket performance automotive show of the whole year. Located in Las Vegas, USA (what genius thought of that?) it’s a huge event with all of the main performance part manufacturers and tuners in the USA, alongside Ford who has a HUGE presence … Read more

Project Huracan Part 2: Boosted Arrivals

 As if 600HP was ever going to be enough.  For most, adding boost to a supercar sounds like too much. The Huracan is an excellent supercar in stock form but to create a truly exhilarating driving experience it needs a performance hike. Luckily for us, our partners at VF Engineering have a tried and tested method … Read more

Wavetrac Differential Upgrade Exchange for M135i, M140i & More!

 Starting with the F Series M135i/M140i, Regal Autosport are now stocking Wavetrac ATB LSD equipped axles!Wavetrac is the most technologically advanced ATB LSD available on the market, with the patent-protected features its design delivers performance and longevity like no other. Find out why Wavetrac’s ATB LSD is unrivalled by clicking the link here.  Most BMW … Read more

CAE Racing Shifters at Regal Autosport

 CAE Racing are the world leaders when it comes to improving the shifting in H-Pattern gearboxes. Read more below… The CAE Racing designs shifters for H-Pattern gearboxes. CAE Racing Shifters dramatically reduce shift time, improve feeling and improve ergonomics, they achieve this through redesigning the stock shifter to their “Ultra Shifter” specification. Typically, to get a … Read more

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