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Project Huracan Part 5: More Bark

 With the VF800 Supercharger system fitted to the Huracan, it was only a matter of time before we ordered an exhaust system to complement the power increase 

The factory exhaust on the Huracan sounds great initially but after hearing the factory sports exhaust and other aftermarket alternatives we started to want more!

After looking at all of the options on the market we decided to order up an Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust for our Huracan. A couple of key features alongside the incredible tone, volume and power increase was the valve control for a Jekyll & Hyde personality, so we can sneak home should we need to, extreme lightweight (dropping 20kgs) and the carbon fibre/titanium tailpipes which replace the factory Stainless Steel items for improved aesthetic.

The Akrapovic Slip-On Line Titanium exhaust for the Huracan is a full bolt-on, plug and play exhaust requiring zero modifications. So should you wish to return the vehicle back to stock at a later date you can without any hindrance. Before we put the factory heat shielding back onto the exhaust we had to get a few shots of it mounted, in all of its Titanium glory!

With the exhaust system mounted it was time to install the Akrapovic Carbon Fibre Clad Titanium Tailpipes. These replace the heavy, factory stainless steel tips and hugely improve the rear aesthetic…


Checkout this standstill revving in Corsa mode. The volume increase is huge and the tone is incredible, deep and much more pops and bangs through this system.

It sounds even better on the road under load, we’ll add some more drive-by/in-car videos as we record them.


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