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CAE Racing Shifters at Regal Autosport

 CAE Racing are the world leaders when it comes to improving the shifting in H-Pattern gearboxes. Read more below…

The CAE Racing designs shifters for H-Pattern gearboxes. CAE Racing Shifters dramatically reduce shift time, improve feeling and improve ergonomics, they achieve this through redesigning the stock shifter to their “Ultra Shifter” specification.

Typically, to get a huge improvement in shift speed and feeling from a manual gearbox, the expectation would be to convert the gearbox to sequential shifting. As well as huge cost, these conversions are (at the less expensive end) of the market are unreliable and degrade daily driveability.

With the CAE Racing Ultra Shifter, you are only replacing the factory shifter and in some applications with the included or optional heavy duty shift cables which further improve shifting. Ultra-fast and precise shift speeds are able to be achieved because of this.

Take a look at a demo below of us running through the gears of a CAE Racing Ultra Shifter equipped car on our in-house dyno

So what’s better? A DSG car or a CAE Racing Ultra Shifter equipped manual? After installing them in our in-house cars, customers and trying both we’d have to say that whilst the DSG equipped cars are incredibly fast to shift the CAE Racing Ultra Shifter adds another level of enjoyment to manual shifting that can never be replicated on a DSG car.

With the CAE Racing Ultra Shifter fitted it allows you to shift so fast and precisely through the gears with minimal effort and with the higher shift knob position being closer to the steering wheel you don’t have to move your hand from the steering wheel for long, maximising both shift and steering control.

As well as improving the performance of your car dramatically the CAE Racing Ultra Shifter looks incredible. With the CAE Racing Ultra Shifter itself being available in Raw Aluminiumum or Anodised Black with multiple shift knob options such as White POM to Titanium you can further customise the aesthetic of your cabin for that race car look.

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