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Project Huracan Part 3: The Install

WOW! It’s been just over a month since the VF800 supercharger kit landed for our Huracan LP610-4. We haven’t managed to get a chance to install as of yet due to customer builds and a lot of travelling recently, and we wanted to make sure we shot the install for you.

One of those trips recently was in the USA, and we got the opportunity to visit VF Engineering’s Anaheim facility. Arriving late one afternoon Gary showed us around their facility which was brimming full of energy. With a few supercharger upgrades nearing completion we had a walk around their installation bays, current projects included Gen 1 R8 V10s and a few LP610-4s being finished off, two with custom finishes on the supercharger unit.

One of those was a Satin Red (not shown) and the other was a Satin Blue below…

Fast forward to this week in the UK and we are ready to install the VF800 supercharger system onto our in-house LP610-4. Below you can see the main event ready to be fitted to the 5.2l V10.

With a number of these installations already under our belt our tech’s quickly set about installing the VF800 supercharger system, beginning the process by removing some of the OE components that we’ll be replacing, like the Lamborghini Intake Plenum.

Below you can see the supercharger adaptor plate being fitted

With the factory Lamborghini Intake Plenum placed beside the Orange VF800 Supercharger you can really begin to see just how much of a visual impact the supercharger will have through the transparent engine bonnet!

VF Engineering also did a great job of colour matching against the factory brake callipers.

Next up is to install the supercharger unit onto the adaptor plate. This process is very easy but also has the most visual impact.

Whilst the supercharger was installed we also installed some of the other key parts such as the supercharger pulley system, multi-point injectors with VF fuel rail and installing the supercharger charge cooling circuit.

After re-installing the remainder of the factory parts required for dyno testing, we strapped the Huracan down onto our Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno so we could optimise the tune with VF for use in the UK climate and fuel.

The now supercharged VF800 Huracan sounds SWEET on the dyno with its additional 200hp and 200lbfts. On the road, the car pulls relentlessly and smoothly through every gear. Taking the original car truly up to Hypercar performance territory, now when’s the next track day?


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