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Carbon Cleaning

Carbon Cleaning is the process of cleaning carbon, specifically from the engines intake ports and valves. Most modern engines have have direct injection, which is when fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. This direct injection fuel system is a development onwards from indirect injection, in pursuit of better emissions and fuel efficiency. Indirect injection is where fuel has been injected into the intake ports, past the valves and into the cylinder. With indirect injection the fuel also serves a function of cleaning the intake valves of blow-by gasses and breathed gasses – whereas with direct injection this does not happen, so the intake valves gradually build up carbon deposits, building up over time to greatly restrict the intake port flow and reduce the engines knock threshold. With these limitations fuel efficiency, power, torque and drive-ability is lost. On a high-performance, naturally aspirated and high revving engine such as the R8 V10 port flow is critical to engine performance. With this port flow lost, there is a dramatic reduction in power.

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Our Carbon Cleaning Process

Before we begin the carbon cleaning we benchmark the R8 V10 on our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD Dyno with TAT Data Acquisition, this gives us an “as is” power and torque figures, ready to compare vs. after the carbon cleaning has been completed.

With the R8 V10 in the workshop, it’s time to remove the intake plenum and associated parts to gain access to the intake ports.

It’s difficult to get a detailed picture in such tight a low-lit confines but it’s easy to see the thick carbon deposits on the intake valves, especially when compared to what a clean inlet valve should look like.

The intake ports also have dividers for more controlled airflow into the intake ports, carbon also builds up on these, much like the intake valves before.

Then the intake valves are cleaned with a combination of products to remove the carbon deposits. Showing the bare metal of the inlet valves. Squeeky clean!

With the carbon cleaning complete, the R8 V10 was once again strapped onto our Mustang MD-500 AWD Dynometer and a power run was conducted. The gains from carbon cleaning are absolutely phenomenal (viewed below) with this example showing maximum gains of 100lbfts at 6000RPM and 80hp at 7500RPM it’s arguably one of the must do performance improvements and servicing requirements for these cars.

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