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ASNU Injector Testing and Servicing

Injector Testing and Servicing

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ASNU Injector Testing and Servicing

Regal Autosport can carry out the testing and servicing of your TFSi/TSI (GDI & MPI) injectors. Over time your injectors will suffer with a build up of carbon deposits. This can reduce the efficiency of your injectors and lead to a reduction in flow, alterations to the spray pattern and cause the unit to leak.

The long term effects of this build up can cause misfires, poor performance, loss of power and in worst case scenarios complete engine failure.

  • Injector Test / Service

    £35 inc. VATper injector

  • Uprated Stainless Steel Basket

    £5 inc. VATper injector

Testing & Servicing Process

The Injector testing and servicing includes:

  • Initial test of the injectors to check for any leak, altered spray pattern and flow./li>
  • The Injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned. This removes the built up carbon within the unit. The carbon build up will reduce the flow of fuel and have a negative impact on the spray pattern of your injector.
  • Once ultrasonically cleaned a second test is carried out to measure the improvements in flow, and to confirm that any leaking or altered spray pattern has been rectified.
  • We also replace the O-rings, baskets and graphite seals during the servicing process.


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