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This is an update for all of our customers regarding the new standard fuel specification in the UK. 

All Regal Autosport customers are currently recommended to use Shell V-Power 99 RON E5 fuel as a first choice, but may at times use ‘standard’ 95 RON fuel with sympathetic use when it is not easily available.

This statement holds true for 95 RON E5 fuel only. Not the new E10 variant. 

Regal Autosport’s software calibration is optimised for Shell V-Power 99 RON, but can safely be used with 95 RON E5 fuel for transportation only. Not for high performance use.

This is not the case with the new E10 fuels.

The new ‘standard’ fuel specification has changed from an ethanol content of 5% (E5) to 10% (E10). Whilst the RON remains the same, a fuel composition change means a calibration change is required to safely use it.

In short; using E10 fuels in a car calibrated for E5 may pose a risk to the engine.

If you wish to be able to use E10 fuels in your car and would like to have a Regal Autosport software calibration to suit, this is possible upon request. 

Please note that calibrations optimised for E10 use may have a lower power output than those optimised for Shell V-Power 99 RON E5.

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