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Project Huracan Part 4: The Track Day

Attending numerous track day events throughout the UK and taking the trip over to Spa and the Nurburgring many times throughout the year, from day one our intention was to enjoy our Huracan on the race track.

With that thought in mind, it may become immediately more obvious why we chose the supercharger route. The linear power delivery of the stock Huracan’s 610PS 5.2l V10 is something that’s really well suited to the race track and something we wanted to improve upon without losing the N/A exhaust note or the linear power.

The reason why the VF Engineering VF800 kit is ideal for this lies in the Magnussen TVS2300 supercharger, this essentially lifts the power at every RPM dramatically and has zero lag. Allowing us to enjoy more power at every RPM, without any surges in torque delivery as the supercharger is always ready to provide boost.

With the supercharger, servicing and geometry tweaks being the only modifications added to the car, even on the stock (and old) Pirelli P Zero tyres we hit the track, not really knowing what to expect.

On the road in the UK there are only a few places where you can unleash the full power through 3-5 gears. At Rockingham, we were able to in the dry accelerate from second all the way through to the top of 5th which is around 130/140mph before braking, or lifting if you’re feeling really brave for the banked turn.

It took a while to get to grips with just how fast this supercharged Huracan can accelerate, your mind really needs to recalibrate to the higher speeds, completely different braking points and how much throttle you dare to use as the rain started to fall!

Here’s a helmet cam from the afternoon session as the track was drying, just checkout that acceleration!

The VF800 Supercharger system performed flawlessly throughout the track day during the 80 laps we completed throughout the day. The only areas that let the car down were the factory Pirelli P Zero tyres when pushing and not running enough camber on the front axle. Luckily, both areas can be solved with some straightforward upgrades including tyres, either to the aggressive Pirelli Trofeo R or more road mannered Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s. Additional camber can be dialled in using the factory arms.





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