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Corner Weighting by Regal Autosport

Corner Weighting

Corner weighting, or 50% cross weight is an essential part of unlocking performance and consistent handling from your fast road, track day or motorsport vehicle. At Regal Autosport, we apply our numerous years experience in Porsche Carrera Cup GB and BTCC to corner weight their vehicles properly. The goal of corner weighting is to have a 50% vehicle cross weight split between diagonally opposite tyres. For example a total vehicle weight of 1400, FL weight at 400KG, FR weight at 400KG, RL at 300KG and RR at 300KG. If you’ve ever had a vehicle with coilovers fitted that turns better one direction than another, its likely this is because of an uneven cross weight.

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Alongside the corner weighting we recommend have the geometry setup


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