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MK7 Golf R Tuning

Stage 1

340-388Bhp & 340-423Ft-lbs

Stage 1 for the MK7 Golf R is designed for MK7 Golf R’s without any upgrades. Although, it can be paired with intake upgrades and a cat-back exhaust for maximum horsepower and torque gains as well as improved intake, exhaust sound and rear end visuals.

You can opt to install the APR Stage 1 ECU software only, from this you’ll enjoy huge increases in power, torque and driving fun. As the MK7 Golf R can produce such huge amounts of torque, on manual and DSG cars the clutch can slip. To overcome this, APR has a ‘low torque’ Stage 1 for manual cars with a stock clutch and DSG cars with stock DSG software. To enjoy the APR Stage 1 High Torque, an upgraded clutch must be installed on manual cars OR the APR DSG software upgrade on DSG cars.

  • APR ECU Software (340-360hp & 340-360Ft-lbs)
  • APR ECU & APR DSG Software (350-370hp & 360-390Ft-lbs)
  • APR ECU Software & Clutch Upgrade (350-370hp & 360-390Ft-lbs)

If you want to take your MK7 Golf R one step further for maximum power output with APR Stage 1, you can add the 4 piece Racingline Intake Kit and a Cat-Back exhaust. This improves power, torque and sound.


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Stage 2

Upto 410Bhp & 430Ft-lbs

Is Stage 1 power not enough for you? Take a look at Stage 2. Stage 2 is designed for a MK7 Golf R with a high-flow downipe which can be catless or have a high-flow cat installed. Ideally complemented by the Racingline 4 piece intake kit and a good quality aftermarket high-performance intercooler for maximum gains.

  • RSS Stage 2 ECU Software
  • High flow sports cat/ De-cat downpipe options

In addition to the minimum Stage 2 requirements, adding an intercooler will allow the engine to run more efficiently and unlock additional power

Stage 3

450Bhp +

Have you gotten used to Stage 2 power? It’s time to take a look at Stage 3. Stage 3 consists of at a minimum a larger turbo and combined with your power goals and use case will then determine what turbo and other upgrades are required to achieve this which could include high-pressure-fuel-pump upgrade, low-pressure-fuel-pump upgrade and custom ECU software to name some.

Handling Upgrades

B-Road Blast Handling Upgrades

The Standard MK7 Golf R handles very well from the factory, but for customers who have increased the horsepower and torque from their MK7 Golf R the handling can be improved to make it into an incredible B-Road beast. Here’s some of the upgrades we’ve selected to be the best compromise of low NVH but maximum performance for the road:

Stage 1

  • Verkline Billet Front Subframe Mount Insert
  • Verkline Billet Rear Subframe Mount Inserts

Stage 2

  • Bilstein B14 or B16 Coilovers
  • RSS Fast-Road Geometry Setup
  • Extra option: 034 Motorsport Dynamic + Top Mounts (Adds front camber)

Stage 3

  • Wavetrac LSD

Handling Upgrades

Track Day Handling Upgrades

The MK7 Golf R was never really designed to be a track day junkie toy BUT it can be transformed into an extremely precise, fast and fun car to drive at the track with some choice upgrades.

Stage 1

  • Bilstein B16 Coilovers with 034 Motorsport Dynamic + Topmounts (non-adjustable mounts)
  • Or Bilstein Clubsport Coilovers (Adjustable top mounts)
  • RSS Track Geometry Setup

Stage 1 Optional extras:

  • Eibach Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bar kit
  • Verkline Rear Sway Bar Adjustable End-Links
  • Racingline Front Adjustable End Links

Stage 2

  • Wheels: Lightweight, strong with optimised dimensions from ATS, OZ, Team Dynamics, Racingline and more!
  • Tyres: Nankang AR1, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 or Pirelli Trofeo R
  • Contact our performance specialist today to discuss your requirements

Stage 3

  • Verkline Front Lightweight Tubular Subframe
  • Verkline Rear Lightweight Tubular Subframe
  • Verkline Tubular & Adjustable Front Wishbones

Stage 3 Optional extras:

  • Verkline Adjustable Rear Toe-Links
  • Verkline Rear Adjustable Camber Arms
  • Verkline Billet Rear Trailing Arms

Stage 4

  • Wavetrac LSD

Gearbox Upgrades

Manual Gearbox Upgrades

For this MK7 Golf R owners with the manual transmission, an upgraded clutch is essential to enjoy maximum torque available from the engine without clutch slip. The manual gearbox can also be further improved with a CAE Ultra-Shifter and Wavetrac LSD.

Stage 1 (suitable for road and light track day use)

  • Sachs Organic Clutch Upgrade

Stage 2 (suitable for road and track day use)

  • RSS Twin Plate Organic Clutch Upgrade

Stage 3

  • Wavetrac LSD

Stage 4

  • CAE Ultra Shifter

Gearbox Upgrades

DSG Gearbox Upgrades

The super fast shifting DSG gearbox in the MK7 Golf R doesn’t leave much performance on the table but to enjoy maximum horsepower and torque, the APR DSG Software needs to be installed. This increases clamping pressure and allows for the full torque to be enjoyed with their ECU software. Inside the gearbox, the Wavetrac LSD can be installed to reduce understeer and maximise grip.

Stage 1

  • APR DSG Software

Stage 2

  • Wavetrac LSD

Break Upgrades

Do you need more stopping power? Here’s a selection of our tried and tested brake upgrades, depending on your use case, you may want Stage 1, 2 or 3.

Stage 1 – Fast Road Use

  • Front and Rear Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • Motul RBF660 Brake
  • Fluid
    Front and Rear Tarox Strada Brake Pads
  • Front and Rear Tarox Brake Discs (G88, Sport Japan or F2000 Spec available)

Stage 2 – Fast Road & Light Track Use

  • Racingline Stage 2 Big Brake Upgrade Kit + choice of pads to suit your use case
  • Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid

Stage 3 – Fast Road, Light track and Track use

  • Racingline Stage 3 Big Brake Kit Upgrade + choice of pads to suit your use case
  • Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid

Track Safety Upgrades

Safety is paramount always and with more speed, handling and stopping power you’ll be going faster than ever. The stock seats and seat belt setup struggle to stop you from sloshing about the cabin and the restraint system often has issues with the heavy G braking.

Various different personalisation levels are available with the roll cage, harnesses and Recaro Seats. Please speak to our Performance Specialist to discuss your requirements and budget

  • Wiechers Sport Clubsport Roll Cage
  • Regal Branded TRS Harnesses (3-6 Point)
  • Recaro Seats for use with Harnesses

MK7 Golf R Tuning Form

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