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997.2 Turbo Bilstein Damptronic Suspension Installation

 Old suspension be gone

Ryan’s 997.2 Turbo is no track day virgin. Having visited a number of UK tracks and the infamous Nordschleife it was time for a suspension overhaul. Currently, his Porsche is upgraded with a number of choice modifications to improve it for track day duty without compromising the everyday driveability.

For the brakes, Ryan opted for Pagid RSL29 brake pads, Motul RBF660 fluid and Goodridge brake lines matched to the factory Porsche/Brembo callipers and discs. CSF takes care of the engine water cooling, upgrading the failure prone front three radiators with CSF All-aluminum units which will prevent any overheating issues, allowing Ryan to enjoy his 997.2 Turbo without worrying about water temps.

Naturally, the next area for improvement was the suspension. Ryan chose to upgrade the ageing factory Porsche/Bilstein PASM dampers with H&R springs with a Bilstein Damptronic coilover kit. This kit is a plug and play upgrade for the factory PASM system, retaining full functionality with the added benefit of a more track focussed damping in sport mode which has been developed at the Nordschleife and a more comfortable comfort mode. Alongside better track performance and comfort this kit allows the ride height to be adjusted for an improved aesthetic and corner weight balancing.

After the suspension was installed, ride heights set our fast road/track day geometry was installed. Sharper, more precise and stable handling thanks to the combination of the Bilstein Damptronic and geometry setup.

With a short amount of driving Ryan gave the below feedback:

Cars amazing mate so much more comfortable and handles like a dream! Feels like a brand new car. ?

We can’t wait to hear what he thinks at the next track day and watching this build evolve





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