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Expert Servicing That Won’t Void Your Manufacturer Warranty*


MINI Service In Southampton

At Regal Autosport we use dealer level equipment and technology to conduct all testing and when installing replacement parts. This even extends to the use of genuine MINI parts which maintains your dealer level warranty with MINI.

We even offer to fit official accessories and performance enhancements on MINI Sport models. All our technicians are regularly trained and fully qualified for any all maintenance or modification.

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For Mini Vehicles


Prices from £216.74
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Engine Sump Bung/Washer
Injector Cleaner
Engine Flush
Pollen Filter


Prices from £324.63
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Engine Sump Bung/Washer
Injector Cleaner
Engine Flush
Pollen Filter
Fault code scan (with printout)
Fuel Filter or Spark Plugs
Air Filter

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Mini Additional Services

Keeping Your MINI On The Road

Our qualified motor technicians conduct dealer-level servicing and maintenance on MINI’s of any age, from classic Mini all the way up to the latest John Cooper Works sports models. From our garage in Southampton, we provide a range of options for those looking for MOT and servicing on their MINI.

Mini Air Conditioning Service

If your air-con is not blowing as cold as it used to be, then you require a re-gas! We will remove the old refrigerant from you air-con system and replace it with new refrigerant. This will ensure your air-con continues to blow cold! We can also use a special treatment to clean the system.

Prices from £85*

Mini Brake Fluid Change

Manufacturer recommendations state that you should first check/replace you brake fluid at the 3 year anniversary of the cars registration. Following up every 2 years with a replacement. This ensures the fluid in your braking system is always in optimum condition, keeping your brakes sharp and responsive. We can also upgrade to Motul Performance Brake Fluid.

Prices from £85*

Mini Cambelt Replacement

All manufacturers have recommendations when it comes to changing your cam belt. These intervals generally fall very 5 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. It is important to maintain this schedule as a cam belt failure can be catastrophic. The interval for changing your Audi cam belt is 5 years/100k miles.

*Water pump may be required at additional cost.

Prices from £299*

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Specialist Mini Garage

How Much Is A Mini Service?

As daily drivers go, there are few cars that are more fun than a Mini. With the latest models, you get a fun hatchback with the added bonus of German build quality that gives peace of mind.

Depending on which Mini you drive, how many miles it has and the current condition the price for a service can vary. We offer our Mini service in three bands, meaning you can match to your required level easily.


All diagnostic work is carried out using Dealer level equipment and technology. All Dealer Service checks are also carried out.


We are able to update all servicing and repairs to the online digital service booklet.


When required we use Genuine Parts for any work carried out, maintaining your full Manufacturer Warranty


Regal Autosport are able to offer an extensive range of parts and accessories for all Minis from the R53 up to the F56 variant.

Mini Models Available For Servicing and Repairs


Mini Coupe and Cabriolet

Including the R52, R58, R59 and F57.

Mini Hatchbacks and Estates

Including the R50, R53, R56, F56. R55 and F54.

Mini JCW and Special Editions

Including the John Cooper Works and GP.

Mini SUVs and 4x4s

Including the Paceman and Countryman.

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