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Workshop Install: E92 M3 Akrapovic Exhaust & RSS ECU Remap

Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4632E92 in for some weight loss, power and sound!

The Akrapovic exhaust system for the is an obvious choice for the E92 M3. With its weight saving of over 20kgs and dyno proven power gains is the perfect system for an all around performance improvement, not forgetting a big improvement in the V8 soundtrack.

Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4636First off, the stock exhaust system is removed…

Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4629To make way for the Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium exhaust system. This exhaust is a complete Manifold back exhaust, including H-pipe, twin high-flow sports catalysts, x-pipe and rear silencers complete with a choice of either Carbon or Titanium tips. This customer opted for the beautiful Carbon Fibre tip option.

Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4637The Akrapovic system really is a piece of art

Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4639 Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4642 Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4638

Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4645and the tips! Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4647Once fitted the customer also opted for an RSS ECU Remap which is a completely bespoke ECU remap carried out on our in-house Mustang MD-500 chassis dyno complete will full data logging and power sweep tests. Also included is the PO420 CEL delete (relating to emissions) which the high-flow catalysts can trigger.

Customer Comments: “It was good day. Regal were very professional and really looked after me and my car. It’s nice to find another garage that looks after the members of the community, instead of being like many, who just expect the community to look after them.”

“I enjoyed my day at Regal on Wednesday. You all made me feel very welcome and took great care of my car. My car is driving great, I love the sound and your map was a big improvement to the power delivery.”

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Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4650 Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4654 Regal-Autosport-E92-E93-E90-E9x-M3-Akrapovic-Exhaust-Remap-IMG_4653




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