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Southampton Wheel Alignment // Geometry Setup

Regal Autosport is pleased to announce that we are now offering Wheel Alignment // Geometry Setups in-house!

Although having the staff knowledge, up until recently we haven’t had the tools in-house to carry out accurate measurement and adjustment. Having recently spent a lot of time developing our own suspension setups on our in-house MK7 Golf R and E92 M3 track day cars and using a local specialist, unfortunately, the local specialists became unreliable in their work.

So we decided to bring everything in-house so we could guarantee the perfect setup, every time for our customer and ourselves.

The new equipment is the latest Supertracker system which also allows us to accurately measure and adjust wheel alignment or geometry settings in-situ to either factory specs, fast road, track or to your own. Our system also works with very low vehicles with splitters, such as Ryan’s E92 M3 with track suspension (low) and GTS front splitter (much less clearance at the front).

So why exactly would you need a wheel alignment or geometry setup? Firstly, for the everyday driver having the factory alignment or geometry specs keeps tyre wear optimal and car control easy. For customers who would like an agiler fast road wheel alignment or geometry setup, we have the expertise to carefully adjust the wheel alignment or geometry to achieve this as well as catering for track day junkies. We can also set the car up to your desired numbers.

Simply let us know your desire and we’ll make it happen…

Wheel Alignment or Geometry Setups at Regal Autosport in Southampton typically take 1 hour depending on the condition of your vehicle and the specs desired. You can book your vehicle in any Monday – Friday between 8AM and 4PM and have this carried out whilst you wait.






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