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Project Goth Rocket E92 M3 Part 5: BBS & BBKS

With the cooling, suspension and differential upgrades Ryan’s E92 M3s performance has been seriously improved over stock but with stock brakes, wheel and tyres there was still plenty of performance to be unlocked. Let’s fix that…

Even though we upgraded to the Performance Friction pads and the brake fluid, the brake performance was still very poor, fading when pushed and overall providing a very low amount of stopping power.

The solution? We ordered up a Sparta Evolution Triton-R 380mm front and 355mm rear big brake kits for this E92 M3.

The kits have a number of unique features, despite being extremely large callipers they are also extremely light at 3.2KG for the 6 piston front and 2.2KG for the rear. Thanks to extensive machining to the calliper bodies in specific places which maintain calliper rigidity for the firmest pedal feel. The eagle-eyed of you will also notice the castellated pistons which, in lamens terms have cut-outs to minimise the piston to pad contact patch which reduces the amount of heat transferred through the pad and into the brake fluid. Keeping the pedal consistently firm, essential for track driving.

The Pegasus R discs are free-floating items which come pre-assembled with a run-out QC check on the rotor. This unique Pegasus R pattern keeps the pad surface from glazing over without aggressively abrading the pad surface like some of the other designs on the market.

All of these features add up to a big brake kit that will be a significant upgrade over the stock E92 M3 system. Providing a massive improvement in stopping power and most importantly repeatable performance.

Under the factory 19″ competition pack wheels they fit with plenty of room to spare, as we mentioned earlier its time to upgrade this factory tyre and wheel combination with something extra special.

To replace the competition pack wheels and far from new Michelin Super Sports, a set of BBS Motorsport E88s was supplied alongside Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s (latest spec compound).

The Sparta Evolution Triton R 380mm 6 Piston Big Brake Kit fits with plenty of room behind the 18″ BBS E88 wheels and look absolutely stunning. A perfect match for the perfect wheels.

With just over 2000 miles completed since the installation, the driver comments are that the brake pedal feel is much firmer and overall stopping power is monumental but extremely progressive. The E88s match with Pilot Sport Cup 2s has unlocked the final chunk of grip which was missing with the Super Sports, allowing the geometry and damping setup to be refined even more. Overall, inspiring confidence to push the car to its limit in all areas.

Next stop the Nordschleife for a Destination Nurburgring track day on the 25th of May!

You can learn more about Sparta Evolutions range of Big Brake Kits for the E92 M3 by clicking on the link here











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