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Workshop Install: Stage 1 ECU Remap on F30 3 Series 320i xDrive

img_4993F30 3 Series 320i xDrive gets a custom ECU remap with astounding results, with 328i beating power and torque!

The 320i is fairly reserved in its stock form, receiving the lower output N20B20. BMW report this to produce 184HP & 199TQ in stock form, with the higher output 245HP & 258TQ N20B20 saved for the 328i. This provides a small insight into the tuning potential from this engine!

img_4994As you already probably know, the F Series BMW ECUs are locked from the factory. Meaning you cannot typically ECU remap through the OBD2 port as was possible in the earlier E series vehicles. Luckily, at Regal Autosport we have all of the tools required in-house to unlock these ECUs so we can read the stock file, and install a performance ECU remap.

img_4992This particular car was an xDrive model which put our Mustang MD-500 AWD mechanically linked dyno to work to record power at the wheels, calculated flywheel torque, calculated flywheel power, lambda (fuelling) and boost.

HEADERThe Stage 1 ECU Remap has provided a monumental increase of 100TQ at 2500RPM and as much as 75HP at 5250RPM. This 320i is now producing 270HP & 314TQ.

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