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Workshop Install: R8 V10 Coupe VF Engineering VF750 Supercharger System

R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-DSC_0433There’s only one way to majorly increase the performance of your R8 V10, and that’s to install the proven VF Engineering VF750 Supercharger System. VF Engineering quote peak figures of 750hp and 570lbfts, that’s an increase of almost 200hp and 198lbfts!!


VF Engineering have developed their VF750 supercharger system around the proven Eaton TVS2300 roots style supercharger which provides a lag-free instant punch of torque, from 5psi at 1500RPM, progressively climbing to 6.5PSI at peak RPM.

What’s in the kit?

The VF 750 supercharger system includes the Eaton TVS2300 Supercharger, Aluminum Intake Manifold, Integrated Bypass System, High-Flow Dual Throttle Body Inlet, Air-Water Charge Cooler, Water Reservoir, Bosch Water Pump, High Capacity Hitachi Fuel Injectors, K&N Filters with Pre-Filters, High-Flow MAF Housings, Brackets, Belts & Hex-Flash Software.

First things first, it’s time to hit the dyno. As part of the installation process every R8 V10 is logged at on our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD dynometer (same model as VF Engineering). This helps us understand the condition of the vehicle, and see if there are any potential issues. Thanks to our dyno, this highlighted a loss in power, likely due to carbon build-up on the intake valves… 
Once the baseline rolling road runs are complete, the vehicle is brought into the workshop to begin the installation process. As part of the installation process of the VF Engineering supercharger kit we will need to remove the intake manifold, but as this vehicle also has suspected carbon build-up on the intake valves we will be going one step deeper and removing the intake tract to allow us to access the intake ports. 
Once removed we can see the extend of the carbon build up. This greatly reduces port flow, inhibiting performance greatly. Although serious, this is easy to remove with the correct procedure, and in no time you can see the bare metal of the intake valve!

With the valves cleaned the supercharger installation can begin. Below you can see the front mounted charge cooler installed. This will keep pressurised air coming out of the supercharger consistently cool, for repeatable performance and driveability. Alongside this the supercharger pulley, injectors and other kit components are installed. 
Next up the supercharger adapter plate is installed, this is where the Eaton TVS2300 supercharger will be installed onto… 
The Supercharger is then carefully and precisely lowered into place
Once the supercharger is in place the throttle body intake can be installed alongside the larger MAF housings and airbox 
R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-IMG_9028 R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-IMG_9012
Just look at that supercharger… 
Once the supercharger system initial startup and checks are completed its time to hit the dyno to calibrate the ECU. We work directly with VF Engineering to optimise the ECU software specifically to the vehicle, ensuring optimum power, torque, driveability and operating parameters. 
and there you have it, another VF750 R8 V10 on the UK roads! VF Engineering Supercharger Systems for Audi, BMW, Spyker, Lamborghini, Porsche and Volkswagen are imported and distributed by Regal Autosport. Installation can undertaken at our Southampton facility, or at a properly vetted specialist installation centre.For all enquiries, please email or call 02382 550958 for more information.R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-IMG_9188 R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-IMG_9676  R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-IMG_9686 R8-V10-VF-Supercharger-VF750-Regal-Autosport-IMG_9646

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