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Wavetrac ATB LSD Tames The Wild AMG C63

How do you tame the incredibly powerful AMG C63? Install a Wavetrac ATB LSD…

The AMG C63 is an incredible vehicle in both Saloon and Touring variants. With a huge 6.2l V8 engine producing between 457 and 507hp in its various specs, it’s definitely in need of a limited slip differential. Whilst some are specced from the factory with the factory LSD, most are not.

Fortunately, Wavetrac has developed a unique ATB LSD for the AMG C63 which not only promises to improve traction, grip and predictability, it can also do so better than all other ATB LSDs currently on the market thanks to its patented design.

So what exactly is the problem with the factory open differential? In the simplest of terms once one wheel loses traction the open differential will send drive torque to this wheel and because of this, forward momentum, stability and driver confidence is lost. Only once traction is regained by slowing this wheel and regaining traction, usually by coming off the throttle or braking the spinning wheel (how an electronic differential works) is drive regained. Both slower and less fun ways of driving.

An ATB LSD (Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential) biases power away from the wheel with the least traction to the wheel with the most. Designs which use the conventional ATB design (over 100 years old now) have a design flaw whereby once axle load is lost through wheel slip, axle unloading or suspension unloading (cornering) they behave like an open differential. Sending power to the wheel with the least traction.

The Wavetrac ATB LSD design is unique in that is is the only ATB LSD on the market which can create internal load in these situations via patented wave hub profiles which sense axle speed difference and ramp under these conditions. This is why the Wavetrac performs so seamlessly because it is always ready to work in all conditions.

Read more on how the Wavetrac works by clicking here

In theory, the Wavetrac ATB LSD provides a huge improvement over the stock open differential and all other ATB designs on the market. In practice, the Wavetrac ATB LSD does too. Check out the customer feedback below…

“As expected it’s both immediately noticeable and invisible. There are no downsides like noises and it hooks up off the line better than my Z4 with a Quaife that had half the power and torque.

It gives you that lovely feeling of connection between your right foot and the back end as you power through and out of a corner. It’s also solved the inside wheel spin at T-junctions when going over the crest in the road. “



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