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996 GT3s are quickly becoming a myth, arguably the majority of them being placed into storage thanks to their ever-increasing value. However, one 996 GT3 owner is still passionate enough to use his GT3 as intended and further optimise it past Porsche standards.


This customer chose the usual host of upgrades including RSS suspension arms for more camber and toe adjustment alongside less bump and toe-steer. The expensive PCCB rotors and pads were replaced with Giro Disc two-piece rotors and Pagid RS29 pads.



Alongside all of this the underside of this GT3 has been pulled apart piece by piece, plastics replaced and paintwork refinished. Leaving the underside looking factory fresh.



The reason why this car was brought to us was that the customer installed an IPD Competition Plenum with 997 GT3 throttle body, Fabspeed headers and GMG exhaust. Due to these upgrades, it’s likely that the AFR isn’t quite optimised and because of the much higher flow there is still some performance on the table to be found with EVOMSit ECU tuning.


With a dyno session spent on the afternoon custom tuning with EVOMSit the AFRs were tidied up, the customer leaving safe in the knowledge the ECU is properly calibrated for his upgrades.


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