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Couple of S55 powered BMW M3 and M4s stop by Regal Autosport for Stage 1 tuning!

The HEX Tuning Stage 1 ECU remap for the BMW M3 and M4 lists power to around 510HP and 480lbfts. This makes the car pull much more ferociously through every gear, up to the hard-cut rev limiter if you choose to install the HEX Tuning DCT Tune at the same time too.

Alongside increased power and torque, other features such as GTS style overrun burble, GTS style start-up roar, start/stop delete, increase power sports display and 192MPH speed limiter. When combined with the increased power and torque, the driving experience is completely transformed!



The DCT software is key to improving power and torque delivery, with improved engagement and torque delivery characteristics the driveability of the gearbox is improved. Really allowing you to enjoy the DCT gearbox in all its glory.




New for 2018, all of the F series BMW tuning is flashed via the OBD2 port with the supplied tuning tool. Allowing you to flash the standard file or purchased stage of tune back onto the vehicle at any time.


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