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RSS ECU Remap on GLA45 AMG

Regal-Autosport-RSS-ECU-Remap-Stage-1-2-A45-AMG-GLA45-Photo 20-02-2017, 12 55 54 pmGLA45 has it’s performance credentials listen even higher with a custom RSS ECU Remap

The GLA45 AMG isn’t an SUV which lacks in the performance department in standard form, but AMG left a large amount of performance on the table, especially when the ECU tuning is combined with hardware upgrades like this GLA45 already had installed such as intake and downpipes.

Regal-Autosport-RSS-ECU-Remap-Stage-1-2-A45-AMG-GLA45-Photo 20-02-2017, 12 56 13 pm (1)The RSS ECU Remap for the GLA45 AMG is custom tuned on our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD Dynometer which is a mechanically linked system and uses TAT dyno software to calculate losses. During the custom tuning session many software maps within the ECU are optimised in order to improve power, torque and drive ability whilst leaving all of the factory safety parameters in place.

Results are impressive, with this GLA45 gaining 47HP and 65Tq! Take a look below to checkout the gains which are delivered right across the rev range.

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