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Project Goth Rocket E92 M3: Part 1

  1 of 20. Get ready to become 1 of 1.

No, this E92 M3 is not wrapped. Its a factory 1 of 20 Frozen Black edition. We know a fair few purists are going to be screwing their faces and hitting keys with a lot of passion but these cars are to be enjoyed and, our mission is to improve this E92 M3 far beyond the factory competition pack spec into daily driveable but, track enjoyable E92 M3. Enter the Goth Rocket.

You may already notice that this M3 is sitting a little lower than factory. That’s because we’ve already installed a Bilstein Clubsport 2-Way suspension kit. This suspension is for the more track focussed driver with 2-way adjustable damping, high spring rates and adjustable top mounts to dial in the front camber. Although track focussed, this car is used as a daily driver, and NVH levels are not increased too much over OE. Simply, you are left to enjoy the improved handling without too much of a sacrifice in ride quality and NVH with plenty of adjustment should you wish to track the M3.

Alongside the suspension installation and geometry setup the M3 was also cornered balanced. Corner balancing is the fine adjustment of the coilover spring perches to ensure the vehicle (and driver) weight is evenly distributed over the four tyre contact patches. It is an essential part of setup and helps provide optimised cornering grip and consistent handling.

Next up we installed GTS style aero parts. When travelling at high-speed, Sport Auto reports that the stock M3 creates 10kg of lift at the front and 23kg of lift at the rear, this creates instability and dramatically reduces handling performance. With the GTS front splitter and rear wing, lift is eliminated and downforce is created. So much so that the front can develop 7kg at the front and 30kg at the rear This is a huge increase in downforce that will yield great improvements in stability and handling.

The other great thing about the GTS front splitter and rear wing is that the aesthetic is significantly improved. Making the M3 look much more aggressive. GTS wing images can be found in Part 2.

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