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Project Blueberry Golf 7R Part 7: Servicing & APR Stage 2

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-R-GO-APR-APR-REVO-ECU-Software-Graph-Stage-2-IMG_4320Service, Downpipe, Derestriction & APR Stage 2

With our project Golf 7R booked in for a track day at Goodwood for the Players Show on June 11th, as well as being the test mule and customer demonstration vehicle we figured it was time to treat the 7R to a little TLC, and of course, more POWER!Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-R-GO-APR-APR-REVO-ECU-Software-Graph-Stage-2-IMG_4294

The TLC came in the form of an engine oil and filter change and DSG oil and filter change, of course with upgraded oil. We chose to replace the factory 5w30 oil with Motul’s 300V Power 5w40 grade oil upon their expert recommendation which uses an Ester Core which amongst other highlights reduces engine friction, improves protection and is more stable at higher temperatures. Perfect for the higher power levels and sustain high RPM, high load usage around track. Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-R-GO-APR-APR-REVO-ECU-Software-Graph-Stage-2-IMG_4296Not forgetting the Motul DCTF oil which uses a Technosynthese “belnd” to replace the factory Mineral oil. The APR DSG software with its improved clamping pressure and improved torque intervention  routine seem to have cured the gearbox overheat, and in-turn torque shutdown issues we experienced with sustained hard use, we wanted to provide even more protection. The DCTF improves protection, Motul quote reduced friction, improved anti-shudder performance and improved shear stability at hot temperatures.; again, perfect for track use!

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-R-GO-APR-APR-REVO-ECU-Software-Graph-Stage-2-IMG_4295With the engine and DSG lubricants upgraded and filters changed it was time to take a look at the factory intake system. The factory intake has a few restrictions which can be easily removed at home, or at the time of any work. The first one is in the stock airbox, the plastic grill inside the box can be unclipped and removed easily to remove this airbox restriction. Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-R-GO-APR-APR-REVO-ECU-Software-Graph-Stage-2-IMG_4293Secondly the factory intake ducting only has an opening on the left. With the right hand side being closed off. Air is sucked into the airbox through the left side of the ducting, which also has an opening to the engine bay. The ducting on the right can be easily dremelled to allow an opening directly into the stock airbox, forcing ambient air directly into the airbox, rather than having an indirect route. Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-R-GO-APR-APR-REVO-ECU-Software-Graph-Stage-2-IMG_4314Next up a 3″ Downpipe is installed. With the downpipe installed the APR Stage 2 ECU calibration can be installed. The downpipe is a big restriction in the factory exhaust with an extremely restrictive catalyst fitted and diameter which bottlenecks at various points. Once replaced with a decat downpipe or high-flow catalyst downpipe the ECU calibration can be rewritten to take advantage of this hardware restriction which has been eliminated.

Solid Line: APR Stage 2 High Output, AWE Tuning SwitchPath Exhaust, 3″ High-Flow Downpipe, Large Bore Intake Hose, Stock Airbox with Air Duct & Grill Removal, Stock Paper Panel Filter

Dotted Line: APR Stage 1 High Output, AWE Tuning SwitchPath Exhaust, Large Bore Intake Hose, Stock Airbox with Air Duct & Grill Removal, Stock Paper Panel Filter

With the Downpipe & APR Stage 2 there are improvements in power and torque all across the rev range with the car feeling much faster on the road too. It will be interesting to see how the car performs on track with it’s improved power and lubrication.


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