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Project Blueberry Golf 7R Part 6: AWE Tuning SwitchPath Exhaust

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4125It’s time for some sound…

The stock cat-back system has been proven to provide ample flow in excess of 400hp when combined with a free flowing downpipe. However, what you don’t get with a downpipe by itself is an amazing soundtrack. Of all the exhaust systems on offer we felt that AWE Tuning offered the system which could tick all of our boxes, being super high quality, valved, drone-free with tip offerings that nobody else on the market has.

One key part of the SwithPath exhaust is that it flawlessly integrates with the factory valve control and is a high-flowing 3″ design. Perfect for a late night tip-toe home, an all-out war cry. You decide. 

Side Note: In the next week or so we will be installing the AWE Tuning Resonated Downpipe which uses a Euro 6 Cat, has a no check engine light guarente (for those of you running stock or Stage 1 software). A great deal of our customers wanted to see what the SwithPath sounded like by itself, videos are


AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-awe-golfr-switchpath-edition-1280-2The system we chose was the SwitchPath with 102mm Silver Tips, that’s right, 4 inches! The AWE Tuning tips are double walled, slash cut and adjustable for your viewing pleasure.

AWE Tuning also offer their signature Diamond Black tips and the smaller 90mm tips. As these tips are adjustable, you can adjust the stagger of the tips to obtain the look you desire.


AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4092The installation begins by sitting the Golf 7R onto our 2 poster ramp, lifting, unbolting a couple of exhaust clamps, disconnecting the valve controllers and removing the system from the exhaust mounts. Easy!

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4093With the car in the ramp it’s time to relive Christmas. Opening the box is sometimes the best part of any install, and the AWE Tuning system with it’s TIG welding, high-quality stainless steel, mandrel bending and attention to detail certainly doesn’t disappoint…

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4094Here you can see where the factory valve controllers will be mounted

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4095  Not forgetting the tips…

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4102Now that the factory exhaust is removed we can also remove the factory valve controllers. These fit flawlessly to the AWE Tuning SwitchPath exhaust

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4108Next up the center pipe and backbox is installed into place

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4116Then the SwithPath outlets

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4119Tip 1…

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4120Tip 2…

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4128Tip 3, Tip 4

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4127Here you can see the factory exhaust valve controller sitting snug, ready to unleash hell, just hit RACE MODE

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4122Once the exhaust is installed you can stagger the tips and adjust the angle to your taste. We like our tips slightly inward of the valance, if you wanted yours hanging out further than the valence, you’re welcome to go for that too

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4138It goes without saying that the SwitchPath exhaust completely transforms the look of the Golf R. Arguably the look the car should had come from the factory with?!AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-Turboback-Cat-Back-Milltek-Golf-R-8v-S3-Regal-Autosport-APR-REVO-IMG_4139

AWE Tuning SwithPath exhaust are now in-stock and ready for in-house installation or drop shipping around the world.



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