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After having Stage 2 medium torque software installed it wasn’t enough for this MK7 Golf R owner. IE FDS Intercooler time…


This Golf R is currently 389HP & 403lbfts with APR Stage 2 medium torque, APR DSG software, IE cold air intake, Scorpion downpipe and AWE SwitchPath exhaust system. To shoot over that magical 400HP mark an intercooler is required.



This customer chose the IE FDS intercooler. The IE FDS intercooler is a bar and plate intercooler which uses air guides on the intercooler inlet to better utilise the entire core for better cooling. Most intercooler on the market for the Golf R does not use air guides, this hurts intercooler efficiency as the whole intercooler core is not fully used.



Another great feature of the IE intercooler is that it includes a water meth bung. So, at a later date if the customer wants to run a larger turbo and push for high figures the intercooler can already support the water meth, requiring no further modification.



With the IE FDS intercooler installed the APR Stage 2 high torque software can be installed. Peak figures improve by around 10HP and 17lbfts with most of the gains “under the curve” meaning below peak torque is increased by over 20lbfts and 20hp! Alongside this, the intercooler will keep charge temperatures consistently cool so the ECU will operate the engine in the higher power tables for longer when ambient conditions are not ideal or the car is being pushed hard.


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