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In-House Tested – Sparta Evolution Big Brake Kits are Now Available!

Tested on our own cars. Now available for you to enjoy. Introducing Sparta Evolution Big Brake Kits to the UK!

Surprisingly, this story goes back around 3 years! Sparta Evolution first came to our attention a number of years ago at SEMA in Las Vegas, drawing us in with their unique calliper design, rotor groove pattern and number of other unique design features which we’ll go into more depth later.

So why so long? At the time we were exhausting possibilities with domestic suppliers of the usual name brands and after a number of customer disappointments due to extremely long lead times, lead times that were regularly missed and shocking disc run out we sought a solution which would put a smile on our customer’s faces consistently.

Fast forward three years and we decided the time was right and bought a trio of kits to test for our Track-spec E92 M3 and Track-spec 500HP MK7 Golf R!

Before we go into the details of our Triton-R kits, let’s give you a rundown of the current Sparta Evolution Big Brake Kit Range.

What’s included with each brake kit?

  • Billet Calliper Carriers & Mounting Parts
  • Performance Street SPP1.0 Brake Pads (upgradable to Track Spec SRP100 compound)
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines *Sparta Evolution Branded
  • Pre-assembled Pegasus R Free-Floating Brake Rotor & Billet Hat (with runout inspection)
  • Saturn, Triton or Triton-R Brake Calliper

What’s the difference between each brake calliper?

Firstly, let’s cover what each calliper includes. Each Sparta Evolution Big Brake Kit calliper uses Sparta Evolutions True Forging process and each calliper comes equipped with a double seal system for the pistons which use a high-polymer sealing rings recessed into the calliper for smooth, uninhibited piston action. The combination of this dual seal system creates an air-tight seal for the piston and protects the chamber from contaminants. Two essential features for road and track use.

Quick-pins make the changing of pads a breeze. Simply remove the quick pins and calliper bridge and you can change pads in around 5-10 minutes, perfect for swapping from street to track compound or vice versa.

Calculated and optimised piston sizing. Matching the piston sizing to the master cylinder is essential for brake initial feel and overall torque. Its all to common to see callipers with poorly matched piston sizes generating poor pedal feel and often imbalanced braking. Sparta Evolution pays close attention to this detail to deliver the best pedal possible.

Saturn – Entry Level Performance Street + Track Days

  • Powder coat finish with optional anodising options.
  • Available in 4 and 6 piston variations.

Triton – Entry Level Motorsport, Perfect for Street + Track Days too

  • Powder coat finish with optional anodising and nickel plating options.
  • Available in 2, 4 and 6 piston variations.
  • Castellated pistons dramatically reduce the transfer of heat from the pad into the pistons and ultimately into the brake fluid.

Triton R – Lightweight Triton Calliper

  • 15% lighter than Triton.
  • Anodised finish with optional nickel plating.
  • Available in 2, 4 and 6 piston variations.
  • Castellated pistons dramatically reduce the transfer of heat from the pad into the pistons and ultimately into the brake fluid.

Back to our kits

For the E92 M3 we ordered the Triton R front 380x34mm Big Brake Kit and rear Triton R 355x34mm Big Brake Kit. These would both fit under a set of 18″ BBS E88 wheels.

Below you can see the extensive machining carried out on this extremely large calliper which houses a 189.60mm x 87mm brake pad as well as the unique castellated pistons. The weight optimisation of the Triton R delivers a huge 6 piston brake calliper which weighs in at a featherweight 3.28KG and the rears 2.64KG.

For the MK7R we ordered the Triton R 355x34mm Big Brake Kit to replace the Stoptech ST-60 based kit. This kit uses the same Triton R calliper as the E92 M3 380x34mm kit but with a smaller rotor.

The free-floating Pegasus R rotors come pre-assembled with run-out QC inspection on the rotor. The unique S-slots in the Sparta Evolution Rotors constantly refresh the brake pad surface without accelerating wear too much through pad abrasion as some groove designs can.

To test the kits fully we ordered a set of SPP1.0 pads which are Sparta Evolutions road based pad which works well from cold, is low-dust, low-noise, low abrasion and works up to moderate temperatures, perfect for daily street driving where you need brakes to work well from cold.

The SRP100 compound is the track orented compound. This compound has a much higher friction level which is consistent up to very high temperatures and is much firmer than the SPP1.0 giving an incredibly firm pedal feel but the trade-off is more noise, more dust and more disc abrasion.


The end result?

E92 M3: With the stock brakes the braking performance was very poor, even with upgraded brake fluid and Performance Friction Z Rated pads. Even though the brake pedal was firm, there was little friction when hot or cold. With the Sparta Evolution Triton R big brake kit there is a dramatic improvement in brake pedal feel, being very linear, consistent and giving a progressive improvement in stopping power with pedal input.

MK7 Golf R: Improving upon the Stoptech ST-60 and Pagid RSL29 setup was always going to be a tough challenge, however, the Sparta Evolution Triton-R Brake Kit has provided a big improvement in performance! Even with the road oriented SPP1.0 compound the stopping power improvement had been huge whilst winning back low-temp performance and being lower noise. We can’t wait to see what the SRP100 compound is like!


Sparta Evolution provides a number of big brake kits for a range of vehicles with pricing ranging from £1800-£4800 depending on the exact spec and size. To spec your kit, click the web link here or simply fill out the contact us form below and a performance specialist will get back to you.


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