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Hex Tuning F80 M3, F82 M4 & F83 ECU Tuning, Coming Soon

VFE-M4-980x400Coming soon. Hex Tuning ECU & TCU software for F80 M3, F82 M4 & F83!

Hex Tuning by VF Engineering delivers more than just power – it’s engineered to provide consistent and reliable performance on the street or at the track in a way that inspires confidence everytime you press the pedal.

Wave goodbye to those piggyback tunes. The Hex Tuning software upgrade for the S55 3.0l turbocharged engine found in the F80 M3, F82 M4 & F83 M4 is a proper ECU recalibration that works in conjunction with the ECU’s self-diagnostic and safety features, including but not limited to OEM knock detection. This approach not only allows for more consistent and reliable power than “piggyback”tunes but also ensures that the ECU functions as originally intended whilst providing noticeably increase horsepower and torque delivery even with different fuel qualities, under a wide range of driving conditions and in various climates around the world.Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.10.38

Hex Tuning software by VF Engineering is expertly calibrated over many months of testing, both on the road for real world results, and in-house on their Mustang AWD and DynoJet 2WD chassis dynameters. Each stage power level is engineered to provide increased horsepower and torque across the entire rev range by optimising ignition timing, boost pressures, cam timing and vanos settings, throttle maps and many other calibration tables within the ECU to function in absolute synchronicity.

Software Features:

Increased Horsepower // Increased Torque // Improved Throttle Response // OEM-Like Driveability & Smoothness // Upgradable Stage Levels // User Controlled Program Switching* // GTS Top Speed Limiter // GTS Sport Display Power Level // GTS Start-Up Sequence // GTS Throttle Overrun // GTS Oil Fill Level – For Track Use

GTS Features are inspired by the BMW M4 GTS model vehicle and may not provide identical results due to subtle differences in factory or aftermarket hardware, including but not limited to, factory M3/M4 OEM or aftermarket exhaust systems. Some features such as Throttle Overrun and Oil Fill Level are optional and will need to be requested at time of order.

  • Stock Results: (VF measured average) 400WHP & 390WTQ
  • Stage 1 Results: +60-70 WHP & +90-100 WTQ
  • Stage 2 Results : +70–80 WHP & +115-125WTQ
  • Stage 2+ Results: +90-100WHP & +125-135WTQ
  • DCT Software: Higher clamping force for improved torque delivery + Increased shift speeds alongside faster rev matching.
  • OBD2 Flash Tool: Programme switching from Stock to purchased Stages

Stage 1 Hex Tuning DynoJet  Results:

SAME Dyno  1_zpsh6hbftva


  • Stage 1: Engineered for stock, or mildly modified vehicles but with stock downpipes.
  • Stage 2: Engineered for vehicles with aftermarket downpipes.
  • Stage 2+: Engineered vehicles with aftermarket downpipes + Race Fuel
  • DCT: Compatible with stock or upgraded vehicles.
  • OBD2 Flash Tool: Unlocking of ECU through purchase of Stage Tuning Package

UK MSRP *accurate of 19/05/2016

  • Stage 1 £939inc VAT
  • Stage 2 £1099inc VAT
  • Stage 2+ 1199inc VAT
  • DCT £769inc VAT
  • OBD2 Flash Tool £269inc VAT

Upgrading between stages:

  • Stage 1 to 2: £259inc VAT
  • Stage 1 to 2+: £349inc VAT
  • Stage 2 to 2+: £179inc VAT

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The Process:

This process involves the ECU being unlocked on the bench, once unlocked the ECU can be flashed via the OBD2 port with the purchased Hex Tuning software.

  • Option 1 “in-house”: For option 1 the customer will deliver their vehicle to Regal Autosport for the service to be carried out.  The vehicle will firstly be logged and benchmarked on our Mustang MD-500 AWD dynometer to ensure no running issues prior to the calibration and to compare stock power to tuned. Once this is complete the vehicle’s ECU will be professionally removed and the ECU unlocked. Once unlocked the ECU will be installed back into the vehicle and the software installed via OBD2. With flashing complete, the vehicle will be once again logged and benchmarked on our in-house dynometer to make sure the operating parameters are correct and for a comparison of stock vs. purchased stage.  (Additional cost for in-house installation & rolling road runs of £180inc VAT)
  • Option 2: For option 2 the customer will deliver their ECU to Regal Autosport for the ECU to be unlocked on the bench. Once unlocked the ECU will be flashed with the purchased Stage tune and delivered back to the customer via fully insured UPS service.  (additional delivery cost determined by shipping address).
  • The OBD2 Flashing Tool can be purchased to enable the customer to flash their vehicle back to stock with the OEM file or with one of the purchased tuning stages.

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Q&A: Added as questions are asked, and answeres delivered, FIRE AWAY!

Q: Why are wheel horsepower and torque figures being quoted A: Wheel numbers are quoted as these are quoted by Hex Tuning, once we have crank figures in the UK we will also quote these.

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