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The GT1 block equipped Turbo and GT2/3 series 996/997 is renowned to be an extremely reliable unit. Much more so than the M96/M97 units which owners often air a strong concern about the IMS bearing, but unfortunately the GT1 based unit isn’t without its faults.


As part of our upgrade and servicing programmes for the Porsche models our technicians get to see a range of GT1 equipped block equipped vehicles used for everything from town driving right the way through to track days and European tours, this is how we came across the issue of the coolant pipes leaking and the coolant pipes tearing.


The GT1 block calls home to the 996 Turbo, GT2, GT3, GT3RS, 997 Turbo, GT2, GT3, GT3RS and the second generation (997.2) GT2RS, GT3 and GT3RS, so this issue can affect any of these vehicles, especially now that the engines have gone through many heat cycles and years of service. The issue is split into two sections, the coolant pipe pinning and then the Sharkwerks Stainless Steel coolant pipes. The engine needs to be removed for both of these upgrades and can be carried out at our Southampton facility.



Issue 1: Coolant Pipe Pinning

This particular customers complaint came from a small puddle of coolant consistently being left behind wherever he left his car for a matter of moments. Knowing that this is an issue, we knew immediately that the coolant pipes may be the leaky culprit.



So, what exactly is the issue? The issue is that there are a few coolant pipes which are designed as two piece and held together with adhesive (checkout the above video), rather than a single cast piece. Over time the adhesive can lose its effect, meaning that the coolant pipe can leak small amounts of fluid consistently filling up the nooks and crannies on top of the block until it pours small amounts over the side of it.  Looking at the internet some GT3 drivers at the track have experiences this issue whereby the coolant pipe ejects at high rpm and load resulting in slippery coolant covering the rear tyres resulting in a dramatic loss of grip and a terrifying spin. It goes without saying that this is an essential repair not only to keep your 996 / 997 Turbo / GT3 / GT3RS engine alive but also for safety.



The repair we use is the same as Porsche tuning gurus Sharkwerks (seen above) which involves pinning of the two pieces together which in effect makes the two pieces one single piece, stopping the piece leaking or being ejected. It is a simple but effective preventative upgrade that every 996 / 997 Turbo / GT3 / GT3RS should have carried out.


Issue 2: Oil Cooler Water Elbows  



The second issue comes from the plastic water coolant elbows which go to the oil cooler. They have a very thin wall which can break down and over time begin to leak coolant. Good news for 996 Turbo, GT3 and GT3RS owners, your cars have metal tubes. So the solution for this is to install the Sharkwerks Metal Coolant Lines, Turbo and GT3 models use different pipes (checkout the product links at the bottom of this post for info and pricing).



The Sharkwerks Stainless Steel Pipes replace the factory plastic items and completely eliminate this issue.


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