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Back for a reflash!

You may have already noticed that this customer has already been through our doors for HEX Tuning Stage 2 and the DCT tune. So why is he back? When the customer flashed his vehicle back to stock using the HEX cable and taking to BMW for warranty work BMW updated his ECU to the latest revision, this flash process locks the ECU.



Having driven his car for the past couple of months with the stock ECU and DCT software, he commented that he knows 425HP shouldn’t feel slow but that the car in stock form feels like a Morris Minor in comparison to Stage 2 and simply had to have the HEX Tuning Stage 2 with DCT software re-installed right away.



Due to the high level of protection these ECUs have the customer needed to bring his vehicle back to us for unlocking, he could have then tuned the car himself but seeing as he was here we installed the software and checked the vehicle over on our in-house dyno.



Since last being at Regal the customer also added a set of HRE wheels which looked absolutely superb!



With the HEX Tuning Stage 2 ECU software and DCT tune installed this M4 made 514HP & 483TQ. As well as now has all of the GTS features back such as overrun burble and start-up roar to name a couple. Checkout the dyno videos below whereby you can hear the hard-cut rev limiter thanks to the DCT tune alongside the GTS overrun burble as well as a dyno graph





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