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This customer, already having the HEX Tuning Stage 1 ECU tune on his Huracan simply had to have it on his daily M3!

HEX Tunings Stage 1/2 & DCT software is an incredibly popular upgrade, not only delivering market leading horsepower and torque gains but also adding GTS style features such as exhaust overrun crackle, start-up roar, start-stop delete and higher power sport display to name a few. Checkout the crackle in the below video…



These days, manufacturers are “locking” the ECUs with encryption and password protection. The F8x platforms ECU is no different. This does not present a problem for HEX Tuning or our technicians as HEX Tuning have created a process for unlocking of the ECU which allows for their tune to be installed through the OBD2 port.


Firstly, we upgrade the vehicle to the very latest BMW specification software. This ensures you get any added/modified features which BMW have released, HEX Tuning always bases its tunes off of this. At the same time as the update, this is when the optional DCT software is installed which smooths out the shifting and also fixes some “snatchiness” when going through the gears at full throttle.


Next in the process is to remove the ECU which is located beneath the factory inlet manifold. This looks like a time-consuming job, but our technicians are very well versed in this so it actually only takes around 30 minutes. Once the ECU is removed the ECU is opened in order to unlock and is re-installed into the vehicle.



The final process in upgrading the M3 to Stage 1 is to flash the desired HEX Tuning ECU tune through the OBD2 port using the HEX Tuning flash cable, we now include one of these for free (worth £300+) to allow the customer to flash their car back to stock, and back to their purchased ECU tune.


Lastly, the upgraded M3 is strapped onto our Mustang MD-500 AWD dynometer with TAT software to measure the new output, and compare to the stock output.


This M3 made 426HP and 406lbft with the stock ECU software, with the HEX Tuning Stage 1 this is lifted to 513HP and 476lbfts. That’s a gain of 87HP & 70lbfts with ECU software alone.


This can be further increased with the addition of aftermarket air intakes, exhausts and CSFs charge cooling upgrades!



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