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Keep your M3 cool this Summer with CSFs 4 Piece Cooling Package


With Summer fast approaching and more importantly track day season Josh’s E92 M3 was in need of upgrading its cooling capacity. The E92 M3 has four coolers (on the DCT models) made up of power steering, DCT, engine water and engine oil coolers. When driving your M3 hard enough at the track the DCT can enter a low power mode as well as engine and oil temperatures spiralling out of control, ultimately ruining driving enjoyment! CSFs 4 Piece Cooling Package solves this issue!


So let’s take a look at the CSF Radiator package for the E92 M3 …


CSF Race All-Alluminium Engine Oil Cooler



First up is the all-aluminium race-spec oil cooler. This cooler is a HUGE 8 rows tall, features cast end tanks which are tig-welded versus the OE tack welds for superior reliability and a turbulated bar and plate core, offering much higher performance vs. the stock unit for the space used. High performance and high durability, the perfect combination for an oil cooler!


CSF Race All-Aluminium Triple-Pass Race Water Radiator 



Second on the list is CSF’s All-Aluminium Triple Pass Race Radiator. This cooler features CSF’s market leading B-tube technology which not only creates a stronger core but also improved performance through a larger surface area and because its stronger less material is used, making these water radiators ridiculously light compared to the competition! The core is also a twin 42mm, triple pass core meaning the coolant flows three times before exiting for the coolest coolant possible. While CSF paid attention to this, they gave also paid considerable attention to the ease of fitment including OE style quick connect fitting for a plug and play fit, easy!


CSF Race DCT Oil Cooler 



If you’ve tracked your DCT M3, then you’ll know all to well about the low power mode when your DCT oil gets too hot! The CSF dual-pass DCT cooler solves this by increasing surface area by 20% and efficiency by 30%! Helping prevent this from happening


CSF Race Power Steering Cooler 



Lastly, this is the CSF Race Dual-Pass Power Steering Cooler. This unit is again much, much larger than the OE unit, in fact a massive 83% larger surface area over standard!


The Install:

The CSF Race Water Radiator, Engine Oil Cooler and DCT Cooler are all fully plug-and-play. Requiring zero modifications to fit. The power steering cooler requires a slight modification to the plastic support to fit, but still looks OE once done (images further below)



First up is the CSF Race All-Aluminium Triple Pass Water Radiator, already you can clearly see the core is much wider and thanks to the aluminium end-tanks the cooling performance and reliability is further improved!



Next is the CSF Race DCT cooler, this cooler can also be used as the engine oil cooler on the 335i models!



You saw earlier how the CSF Race engine oil cooler is much taller than the stock item, but it is not only taller but deeper than the stock item while also having the all important turbulated bar and plate technology, squeezing much more cooling performance in versus competitors!



Lastly, the CSF Race power steering cooler is fitted which as mentioned earlier requires some trimming which is pictured above.


Since the install, Josh has taken his around Rockingham at the Trackaddict track day in May. Saying that “The CSF Race oil cooler kept the oil temps around 10c-15c cooler, CSF Race water radiator didn’t let the temp above 90c and kept it at around 85c throughout the day.”



The full 4 Piece CSF Race cooling package for the E92 M3 is stocked at Regal Autosport. Available individually or you can buy as a complete package for the ultimate cooling package! Installation is available at our Southampton workshop, or we can drop ship throughout Europe.


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