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Another MK7 Golf R for APR Stage 1 ECU & DSG Software

Another MK7 Golf R leaves the Regal Autosport Mustang MD-500 AWD Dyno cell with an excess of 370HP!

The MK7R is an incredible tuning platform. Although the High Output EA888.3 TSi engine delivering 296HP in stock form Volkswagen Audi Group left a lot of performance on the table. So much so that this can be easily extracted with some quality hardware additions and of course, APR ECU And DSG software!

This customer opted for an Integrated Engineering Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake and TT Large Bore Intake hose which together lifted the car from its stock 296HP benchmark to a staggering 319HP. Not bad for bolt ons…

With the IE Carbon Fibre Intake and TT Large Bore Intake fitted it was time to hit the dyno and flash the APR Stage 1 ECU software and DSG software. The DSG software is installed at the same time so the APR Stage 1 “High Torque” file can be installed, this file creates so much torque that with stock DSG Software the clutches can slip.

To eliminate this issue APR has created DSG software that increases the clutch clamping pressure, eliminating the issue of clutch slip with their High Torque file. It must be noted, however, that APR has a “Low Torque” file which can be installed for use with stock DSG software. Still with me? Great Take a look at the gains below…

Below you can see the colossal power and torque gain. Torque has improved by as much as 100lbfts and power has improved by 57hp over the already 23hp higher figures than stock, thanks to the Integrated Engineering Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake and TT Large Bore Intake Hose.







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