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8J TTS in for APR Stage 1 ECU Remap, Wheel Alignment & IE PCV Delete

TTS stops by for APR Stage 1 

First up, before lifting the performance of the High Output 2.0TFSi EA113 engine, we replace a couple of parts which usually fail on stock cars as the running issues the failures cause are typically highlighted by increasing the boost through a remap.

The first item is the factory diverter valve and the second is the factory PCV. Luckily for this customer, his vehicle already had the later spec piston diverter valve (probably due to the previous spec diaphragm valve having failed), so we didn’t need to replace it. However, it did still have the factory PCV!

The factory PCV is an item which commonly fails and leaks boost into the valve cover. Alongside causing a hot, oily mess inside the engine bay, it will cause poor idle, fuel economy decrease and a noticeable loss in boost pressure (power).

We replace the factory item with an upgraded IE PCV Delete Kit. This kit deletes the factory PCV which allows the breather system to function properly whilst eliminating the failure prone PCV. The IE kit also comes with a cap which replaces the inlet manifold breather which has an in-built boost take off, perfect for if you want to plumb in a boost gauge at a later date.

Next up, in keeping with the housekeeping theme, we also carried out our geometry setup/wheel alignment using our in-house equipment. Improving this TTS’s handling and safety vs. the previous alignment which was well out of spec.

Finally, the Stage 1 APR ECU remap. Looking at the rolling road graph with the “stock” car being dotted lines and the solid APR. The torque spike at around 3500rpm, which coincides with a large boost spike (not shown on this graph), this vehicle would have had an ECU remap prior to the APR file.

As illustrated, not all ECU remaps are equal. Whilst the previous Stage 1 file has similar peak torque figures, the previous file had 289lbfts and APR 299lbfts, the previous files torque curve sharply declines whereas the APR file sustains torque for longer which also increases the horsepower too.

So different are the files that the APR remap makes a colossal 50lbfts over the previous file at 5500rpm and 50hp at 5500rpm too. The curves are much smoother too, so this car will not only feel much more powerful but substantially smoother too.


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