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Workshop Install: Sharkwerks Muffler Bypass on 991 GT3


991 GT3 stops by for more bark

Similarly to the 997 Gen 1 & Gen 2 GT3 & GT3 RS the 991 GT3 uses three mufflers, two valved arch silencers and one centre silencer to keep sound levels tame. Add the cats in the manifolds and you have one well silenced system!

Sharkwerks-Muffler-Bypass-997-991-gt3-gt3rs-IMG_6934SharkWerks have addressed this by creating a Centre Muffler Bypass which replaces the centre silencer with an unsilenced section. This enhances volume, whilst retaining the factory exhaust valves for a Jekyll & Hyde personality at the touch of a switch, the added bonus is that with the SharkWerks pipe the Porsche tone remains very much the same, just taken up a few levels!

Porsche-991-911-gt3-gt3rs-turbo-evomsit-evoms-sharkwerks-regal-autosport-muffler-bypass-exhaust-suspension-IMG_4425991 GT3 squaring off to our EVOMSit Tuned & Sharkwerks equipped in-house 997 Gen 1 GT3 Clubsport!

Porsche-991-911-gt3-gt3rs-turbo-evomsit-evoms-sharkwerks-regal-autosport-muffler-bypass-exhaust-suspension-IMG_4430Installation on the 991 GT3 is super easy, on the previous generation the rear bumper and lights required removal. On the 991 the bypass can be installed in a handful of hours, without the removal of any bodywork!

Porsche-991-911-gt3-gt3rs-turbo-evomsit-evoms-sharkwerks-regal-autosport-muffler-bypass-exhaust-suspension-IMG_4449With the factory silencer removed you can see the difference. This GT3 owner also opted for the slash-cut tips to improve the aesthetics of the rear end…

Porsche-991-911-gt3-gt3rs-turbo-evomsit-evoms-sharkwerks-regal-autosport-muffler-bypass-exhaust-suspension-IMG_4454The SharkWerks bypass fits flawlessly every time…

Videos fitted:

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