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Workshop Install: Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Capristo Exhaust & Stage 1 Remap

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4619German Muscle.

First on the list was to improve the exhaust note of the stifled 5.5l V8 BiTurbo engine. For this job, we imported a Capristo exhaust system from Germany. Capristo is the most exquisite exhaust systems on the market for the E 63 S, featuring a centre silencer delete, two valved rear silencers which are all controlled by a sophisticated valve controller operated on the fly by the supplied key fob or under back-pressure change.

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4577From opening the box, it’s clear to see the quality is superb

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4580 Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4579 Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4578Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4586Next to the stock system, the Capristo quality looks to far exceed the factory.

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4591 Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4588The Capristo system replaces the factory system, a complete 1:1 replacement, meaning the install can be reversed if required at a later date with our any repercussions. Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4612But before we startup the car, we need to re-install the ECU. As part of this huge performance upgrade we are installing a performance ECU remap to improve power, torque, drivability and responsiveness, all whilst retaining the factory silky smooth drivability and fuel efficiency.

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4592We also add a pair of K&N filters to replace the factory paper elements which can stifle the engine.

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-IMG_4615Once the ECU remap is installed we head to the dyno to data log the parameters of interest to ensure the engine is running as intended and perform power sweep tests to find out the power. What’s important here is that with the ECU remap all of the OEM engine protection is retained.

Video from the dyno

Regal-Autosport-Mercedes-AMG-E-63-AMG-S-E63-Capristo-Remap-EVOMSit-Exhaust-Tuning-Rolling-Road-GraphWhen the vehicle arrived in its stock form it was underperforming the usual 585hp the E 63 S is expected to make, making 550hp. Once the ECU remap is installed the E 63 S produced 632HP & 696TQ. With an intake +150lbfts at 3000RPM and an additional 82HP at 6500RPM the E 63 S has been completely transformed.




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