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Workshop Install: Golf 7R with APR High Output Stage 2 Remap, DSG Remap & Large Bore Intake Hose

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4751Another Golf 7R working its way through Regal Autosport for the hugely popular APR Stage 2 High Output ECU Remap with APR DSG Remap


Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4737The APR Stage 2 requires a high-flow downpipe with or without a sports cat and a performance air intake. This customer opted to install a BCS PowerValve turbo back exhaust with sports cat alongside a Turbo Technics Large Bore Intake Hose matched to the stock air intake with the addition of the APR Intercooler Kit to keep the charge temperatures consistently cooler.


Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4739The stock intercooler is absolutely fine for Stage 1 and Stage 2 power, however if you are wanting to maximise the performance gains then a properly developed intercooler kit is required. The APR intercooler makes good use of the space that VW failed to take advantage of.


Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4741The APR Intercooler which offers a low pressure drop and improved cooling performance over the stock intercooler, meaning consistently cool charge temperatures. Perfect for perfect use!


Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4743The BCS PowerValve exhaust frees up the exhaust flow, removing the restrictive factory cats in favour of a high-flow item. The PowerValve system also includes a valve system which does not function via the stock method, BCS have designed the system to function off of the vacuum from the inlet manifold, meaning the valves open when boost of a certain level is generated.

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4749Not forgetting the HUGELY popular Turbo Technics Turbo Inlet Hose which eliminates the factory intake elbow restriction, further improving the flow into the engine for more power and torque.

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-Intercooler-exhaust-intake-IMG_4747With these upgrades installed and the APR Stage 2 High Output ECU & APR DSG software. The APR DSG Software is essential for increasing the clutch clamping pressure and optimising the temperature protection for eliminating the clutch slip which can occur with the High Output ECU file.

The results are absolutely phenomenal. An increase of almost 100lbfts at peak, and 70hp at peak. With gains right across the rev range, this Golf 7R will be an absolute BLAST to drive!




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