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Workshop Install: Golf 7R with APR High Output Stage 1 Software, DSG & Large Bore Intake Hose

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-IMG_4701Another Golf 7R stops by for an APR ECU & DSG Remap

It’s no secret that the APR High Output Stage 1 ECU Remap is one of the most cost effective improvements in power, torque and drivability to treat your Golf 7R or 8v S3 with. When matched with the APR DSG calibration, Large Bore Intake Hose, Panel Filter & Derestricted factory airbox even higher gains can be realised!

Find out more about the large bore intake hose, right here

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-S3-7r-ECU-Remap-APR-REVO-IMG_4699As part of every APR ECU remap we install, we always strap the car to our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno with mechanically synchronised front and rear rollers, meaning no premature wear to your Haldex. The vehicle is data logged and power sweep tests are conducted to ensure the vehicle is running as intended, or to help spot any potential issues and remedy before the performance is increased. Once complete, we can move on to installing the APR software!

This particular car had a tuning box fitted, whilst these offer a solution enabling some customers to retain their factory warranty, it’s a real half-way house solution for improving performance; the way in which they function is not ideal. They function by fooling the ECU into seeing lower values from sensors, meaning the ECU will request more boost, more ignition, more fuel, even when the operating conditions may not be correct. This results in poor drivability, not to mention having your engine running at a high output in non-ideal conditions, resulting in a potential for damage.

The APR ECU software retains the factory ECU protection, limiting power output if the operating conditions are not ideal.


Once the Large Bore Intake Hose, Panel Filter & Airbox derestriction is installed we also flash the ECU with the APR ECU & DSG software. The DSG software will allow the Golf R to run the APR High Output file without fear of clutch slip. If you would prefer to use the stock DSG software, APR also offer a Low Output file, just for you!

With the combined upgrades we once again head to the dyno and log all of the important operating parameters and carry out power sweep tests to ensure the vehicle is operating as intended. Once complete, we can also see the power and torque difference between the APR Stage 1 and the tuning box. It’s quite a substantial difference, even on a very hot day!

Checkout the graph below…


Regal Autosport Golf R 8v S3  Stage 1 APR REVO



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