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Workshop Install: AWE Tuning Non-Res SwitchPath with 90mm Chrome Silver Tips installed onto an F82 M4 Competition Package

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4220SNAP CRACKLE & POP.

AWE Tuning SwitchPath™ Technology responds to the exhaust valve commands sent from your BMW ECU, dependent on your throttle input and M Sport button setting. This means that the AWE Tuning F80 M3 or F8x M4 SwitchPath™ Exhaust will transform from a sophisticated “Touring” note to an aggressive “Track” note with the touch of the M Sport button or throttle position. The factory Competition Pack option further complements the SwitchPath technology with the crackle on lift off. AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-bmw_m3_m4_full_system_non_res_with-res_1-2This F82 M4 customer opted for the AWE Tuning Non-Resonated SwitchPath Exhaust with 90mm Chrome Silver Tips. For most customers, this is the go-to system providing a quiet note with the valves closed and an all our war cry with the valves open.

Not sure which system may be right for you? AWE have spent the majority of their R&D time perfecting the AWE Tuning F80 M3 & F8x M4 Exhaust Suite to provide options for virtually every taste:

  • Resonated SwitchPath™ Exhaust with your stock downpipes: This is the most sophisticated of the lot, while still announcing that you’ve arrived. Aggressive when you want it, yet refined at part throttle and highway speeds. This exhaust brings out the natural tone of the M4 motor without compromising neighborhood relations.
  • Resonated SwitchPath™ Exhaust with your aftermarket downpipes: Your volume is already turned up with your aftermarket downpipes, but chances are you may want a bit more sophistication and refinement without losing the aggressive yell of the twin turbo engine. This is the system that makes de-catted downpipes a bit more suitable for daily usage.
  • Non-Resonated SwitchPath™ Exhaust with your stock downpipes: This is an aggressive set up, with sharper edges. It announces your entry while still maintaining trademark AWE Tuning sophistication. We recommend this combination for those looking for more full throttle growl from their M4, with a slightly higher part-throttle / highway cruising volume.
  • Non-Resonated SwitchPath™ Exhaust with aftermarket downpipes: If you have to ask, this isn’t your system.

With the AWE Tuning system the system is easily changeable from Non-Resonated to Resonated by swapping out the mid-pipe with either version.

The Install:

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4202First things first, the M4 is lifted on one of our 2 post ramps to gain access to the underside. Here you can see the M Sport exhaust which already provides an improved exhaust note over the stock system.


AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4213In a short amount of time the exhaust is removed in one piece, ready for the AWE Tuning SwitchPath system to be installed in its place.

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4216Before we start installing the AWE Tuning SwitchPath we must first remove the factory valve controllers fitted to the OE exhaust. These fit to the AWE Tuning SwitchPath and allow the ECU to open and close the valves, just like stock.

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4225The OE valve controllers fit perfectly to the AWE Tuning SwithPath system, ready to unleash hell or keep it subtle. AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4229Just like that the second valve controller is added…

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4224First to be installed onto the M4 is the X-Pipe which fits directly onto the factory downpipes (or any aftermarket downpipe which fits the OE exhaust) and helps improve the exhaust note

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4230Next up the non-resonated mid-pipes

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4234then the SwithPath back box is installed into place.

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4246and finally the 90mm Chrome Silver tips. These can be staggered to your taste, this customer wanted the tips in line with the diffuser with a slight stagger…


AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4274The 90mm Chrome Silver tips really make the rear end of the M4 pop with the White body and Carbon Fibre diffusor!

The Sound:

Regal Autosport are the European Importer, Distributor and Installation centre for AWE Tuning. AWE Tuning F80 M3, F82 & F83 M4 exhaust systems are available to order, by following this link:

Bonus Images:

AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4283 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4281 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4278 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4276 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4275 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4274 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4267 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4258 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4257 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4251 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4256 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4255 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4250 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4249 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4241 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4239 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4236 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4215 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4211 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4203 AWE-Tuning-SwitchPath-Exhaust-M3-M4-Regal-Autosport-M3cutters-ECU-Software-Hex-Tuning-IMG_4198

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