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Workshop Install: Astra H VXR with EFR7163 Turbo Kit

Astra_VXR_EFR_7163_EFR7163_GTX28_GTX30_Corsa_VXR_Regal_Autosport_IMG_4073-EditIndy Car Power for the Z20LEH VXR engine… Astra_VXR_EFR_7163_EFR7163_GTX28_GTX30_Corsa_VXR_Regal_Autosport_IMG_4391This Astra VXR is upgrading from the RSS Stage 4 + K16 setup to the EFR7163 setup. Whilst the K16 provides a good amount of low-end power and torque, and enough flow at the top end for 400hp this customer wanted more. Astra_VXR_EFR_7163_EFR7163_GTX28_GTX30_Corsa_VXR_Regal_Autosport_IMG_4067In-step the EFR7163 turbocharger conversion. The EFR7163 is the largest of the B1 frame turbochargers. This turbo has a power potential of around 550 horsepower and comes with an internal wastegate and recirculation valve, making this turbo easy to install with the supplied installation kit and cast exhaust manifold. What’s more is that thanks for the Gamma Ti exhaust wheel and billet compressor wheel, this turbo spools very fast!Astra_VXR_EFR_7163_EFR7163_GTX28_GTX30_Corsa_VXR_Regal_Autosport_IMG_4397 Astra_VXR_EFR_7163_EFR7163_GTX28_GTX30_Corsa_VXR_Regal_Autosport_IMG_4387At the same time as the EFR7163 upgrade this customer had the RSS SuperHold Stud Kit installed to replace the factory bolts, making it easier to swap wheels at the track

Once the hardware is installed and checked it’s time to hit the dyno to have the ECU remap written. The ECU software for this vehicle is calibrated expertly by a Regal Autosport technician on our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno with TAT data acquisition. All of the important ECU parameters are logged and the ECU calibration optimised for this vehicle. The RSS ECU software is available for all Vauxhall vehicles. Added features such as reduced lag strategy, launch control and hard cut rev limiter.

This vehicle made 512hp and 418lbfts. If you are interested in a conversion like this, please contact us on 02382 550958 or


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