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For the majority, a 610HP DCT supercar is enough performance. There are however a few which crave an additional performance hike, enter the VF800 supercharger system…


VF Engineering has utilised their many years of experience on the previous R8 V10 platform and stepped things up a notch from their VF750 kit on the Gen 1 models to make a VF800 kit for the Gen 2 models.



The VF Engineering VF800 Kit is a supercharger system which VF Engineering quotes to deliver 805HP and 610lbfts at the crank. Due to the nature of the supercharger building boost as the RPMs rise an instant lag-free punch at 2300RPM is available right until the 8500RPM rev limit. In keeping with the relentless N/A feel of the V10 engine.



Having already installed systems on a large number of VF750 systems on R8 V10s and Gallardos, as well as more recently a VF800 kit a Lamborghini Huracan Coupe (CLICK HERE), our technicians already knew their way around the revised 5.2l V10 engine and chassis. As you probably know, the Gen 2 R8 and the Huracan are very similar under the skin.



The VF800 kit was installed in a handful of days…



With the remaining few days spent working with VF Engineering on our in-house Mustang MD-500 AWD dyno to optimise the VF800 ECU calibration for use on this specific vehicle and UK fuel. This install from start to finish was fitted, calibrated and handed over to the customer to enjoy in a couple of weeks. Another R8 on the UK roads with hypercar performance!


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