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UD: Friends Who Lend BBS E88s

Get a friend who lends you BBS E88s…

Ultimate Dubs is often seen as the first show of the season, it’s a Show & Shine event in Telford and is a reasonable distance away from Southampton. Being a Show & Shine event, it’s probably not an event that you may think we’d attend.

However, car events are ultimately about hanging out with friends and making new ones. So, we set for London to meet up with Ryan on the way to Mark’s place. Sounds like a really unnecessary distance to travel? The reason you ask? For Ryan to fit Mark’s E88s he just had delivered for his E61 M5. Ryan has a set of E88s currently on order with BBS but with attending UD Ryan wanted something a little more appropriate.

 At Mark’s place, there wasn’t just E88s but, an R34 GT-R in the garage. If you ever played Gran Tourismo or just love cars in general, this is pretty much the ultimate machine.

With well over 600 horsepower as a result of a plethora of upgrades, this really is a serious piece of kit.

What are E88s? E88s are a split rim BBS Motorsport wheel. Super light, super strong and look superb. If you ever visit the Nordschleife you’ll already be familiar with these.

Wrapped in fresh Michelin PSC2s the 19″ E88s looked ultra aggressive.

Especially whilst on the move

 Stopping off at another friends house on the way to Telford there were some serious Dominic Torretto house vibes.

At UD we caught up with Ben in his F80 M3. Equipped with HEX Tuning Stage 1 ECU remap, DCT tune and 3 piece CSF cooling upgrade consisting of top-mount charge cooler, front mount heat exchanger and DCT cooler. Ready for the catless downpipes and Stage 2 tune to be installed in a blog update later.

As well as Ben we caught up with the gang at Kenwood in their Porsche 962 inspired Sirocco. Absolutely smashing it with this vibe.

It was a great weekend catching up with customers and businesses we work with throughout the years. Onto Rockingham on the 24th of March…

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