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Southampton to the Nordschleife

 To the Nordschleife!

The Nurburgring Nordschleife or North Loop is 12.9 miles of the most challenging race circuit in the world. With extremely fast, blind corners with a mix of on camber, off camber and numerous jumps make it a huge challenge for a driver to master all of its 73 corners.

This huge challenge makes it a huge draw for track day enthusiasts, it’s the perfect place to challenge the car and the driver and that’s exactly why Ash and Ryan took their track day cars there, MK7 Golf R Project Blueberry and E92 M3 Project Goth Rocket.

With an open pit lane track day booked for Friday for DN19 with Ring Weekends Ash and Ryan hit the track earlier in the week to try and get a bit of learning in before the main event.

The story starts with an early morning start, with Ash and Ryan meeting Mark in his 688HP R34 GTR and Ben in his bone stock (for now) 7R at the Shell petrol station outside of the Euro Tunnel station in Folkstone to stock up on Shell V-Power, ready for a sprint through France, Belgium and into Germany.

If you haven’t been in the Euro Tunnel it’s probably the most convenient way to travel to Europe by car, the whole process takes around 90 minutes from arriving, boarding and leaving. Wasting no time. We like.

A sprint through France, Belgium and Germany allowed for an arrival time at the Nordschleife for around 6PM, with enough light in the day for a few laps on the Touristenfahrten day or, TF as we’ll refer to it whereby the track is open from to the general public and as a result you will experience many novice drivers and may even witness a coach or two.

On the right of the image below, you can see the Antoniusbuche section of track which is a straight that’s a HUGE 1KM+

Luckily, as it was a Wednesday afternoon the TF day was not very busy. With mostly fast cars and fast drivers, very few laps were impeded.

Although Ash and Ryan have done many laps on various games nothing can prepare you for exactly how your car will feel on the Nordschleife, the cambers, climbs, drops, jumps and blind corners so a slow and steady build-up of speed was on the menu.

With Day 1 complete culminating in 500 miles+ on each car and a few laps completed with each car, it was time to have a lie-in to catch up on some sleep and then hunt down a good car wash. You may be wondering why we weren’t at the track on Thursday, but a Porsche tuner booked the whole Nordschleife for their customers so we didn’t have any track time.

We did, however, have some fun on some “pRiVaTe” roads…

With some help from our friends at Meguiar’s the Golf R and M3 were back to their previous glossy glory, ready to check out some of the eye candy at the track

But not before an icon appeared… The Porsche 959. If you don’t know what this is, CTRL + T, Porsche 959, Enter, Read.

After probably freaking out the owner of a 1Mil + Euro supercar Ash and Ryan set off to check out the Porsche heavy track day at the Nordschleife at one of the most popular spots, Brunchen.

and then onto the tricky Pflantzgarten

With Thursday spent chilling out and soaking up the sights it was time to catch some sleep in preparation for the DN19 open pit lane track day on Friday.

Ash and Ryan got to the track in the late morning and were greeted with some awesome machinery, most popular being BMW M or Porsche GT series vehicles.

There was even a 430 Scud hiding amongst the German metal

Unfortunately, Ash and Ryan received numerous reminders throughout the day on just how challenging the Nordschleife can be, even to some of the more experienced drivers.

With numerous stoppages throughout the day caused by crashes, Ash and Ryan stayed poised to get out on track as soon as the opportunity arose

Once the track opened Ash headed out in his Golf R and Ryan in his M3 and pushed the cars around the Nordschleife. All of the upgrades and setup carried out worked flawlessly, delivering performance and reliability lap after lap. With many more hours spent on the circuit Ash and Ryan could set some impressive times but for now, the goal was to come back to the UK in one piece without a big armco bill!

Here’s some helmet cam footage from Ash’s RSS Stage 3 MK7 Golf R, not bad for his 6th lap!

As soon as the track time ended at 5PM Ash and Ryan headed back to Calais to catch the 9PM ferry and the sunset. Back in the UK, and ready for the next track day…





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