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With over 400HP easily achievable on the MQB platform it’s so too easy to neglect the all-important handling.


The RSS Fast-Road Setup matched with Bilstein B16 coilover kit for the MQB vehicles has been meticulously engineered over the course of 2 years with a blend of fast-road and track use. Enabling you to get the maximum enjoyment from your MQB on the open road.



You will feel the car much more composed in roll, heavy acceleration and heavy braking. The result? Being able to place and hold the car in places, at speeds you never thought was possible. With all of this you would probably come to expect a harsh ride quality? Not with the combination of the RSS Fast-Road Setup and specially setup Bilstein B16 dampers. A harsh ride quality is often the combination of incorrect spring and damping rates, which thanks to our development you won’t find here.



Don’t take our word for it, this is a 400HP+ MK7 Golf R IG @mikerg‘s  feedback:


“Car before was unsteady and the uplift when accelerating was ridiculous. After 250 miles, yesterday car felt unreal. Bolted on the road and taking corners with it was never this fun, it allows me to have confidence on where to place the car on the road. Ride quality is outstanding in comparison to the stock ones and taking in consideration that this coilovers are considered fast road and track ready.”



For those seeking even more  performance, we can also supply Powerflex bushes which allow us to further refine the geometry suspension setup.


Track day junkie? We also supply a whole host of track day tested parts and special setup to optimise your MQB for the best lap times.


If you are interested in optimising your MQB for fast-road or track use don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 02382 550958 or emailing


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