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Autosport International is always a fantastic way to start the year. The finest display of UK motorsport and aftermarket vehicles are on display alongside the performance parts which makes building these cars possible.

For us, Autosport is the first show we attend. As exhibitors on the Thursday/Friday with CSF Radiators and Wavetrac Differential in the Engineering section and then as Motorsport fans on the Saturday it provides a great place for us to meet our industry peers too.


This year, as well as exhibiting we had a few customer cars on display. First was @7th.seal’s Cayman S track weapon, equipped with all of our favourite parts such as Bilstein suspension, CSF Radiators, Wavetrac Differential and much more to make an extremely capable track toy. This car was on display across all 4 days on the Bilstein suspension stand.



On another stand was @ben_scenemedia’s F80 M3. Equipped with well over 500HP thanks to a mix of CSF Race top mount charge cooler, front mounted heat exchanger and DCT cooler alongside HEX Tuning’s Stage 1 ECU and DCT tune. This car was on display on the Tarox brakes stand with its newly equipped Rotiform SIX wheels. What do you think?



A few of our favourite cars of the weekend included a Group 5 Capri, DTM BMW and Mercedes too.


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