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Project Goth Rocket E92 M2: Part 3

Frozen Black M3 Meets CSF’s Ultimate E92 M3 Cooling Package.

On a hot summer day on the road or at a track event driving around the high temperatures can be an issue when pushing the E92 M3. The E92 M3 has four coolers in total, an engine oil cooler, dct cooler, power steering cooler and engine water cooler.

First up, we’ll focus on the DCT cooler. Often you’ll hear DCT owners complaining of the DCT overheat causing the E92 M3 to go into a mode whereby shifting is much slower, low power mode or even selection of only one set of gears until cool. The workaround is often to have long cooldown laps or a lot of time in the pits waiting for cool down.

The CSF Race Dual-Pass DCT Cooler has an additional cooling tube and uses a high-density louvre design for maximum cooling which results in a 30% increase in efficiency. Eliminating DCT cooling issues.

Second up is the CSF Race Heavy Duty Oil Cooler with Cast End Tanks. The stock cooler is more susceptible to failure due to its tack welded and crimped end-tanks and tube/fin core. The CSF Oil Cooler for the E92 M3 maximises the space available with a heavy duty turbulated bar and plate core welded to the cast end tanks. Thanks to the heavy duty 8-row core which is taller and deeper than the OE item oil temps are significantly dropped alongside faster recovering times, resulting in less time cooling down your E92 M3s oil temps.

Third up is the CSF Race CAB Brazed Power Steering Cooler. This cooler eliminates the power steering coolant overheat issues which results in scary and poor steering. Its design utilises CSFs AC condenser technology to create a 6-row design with 83% more surface area over the OE item that results in a 40% increase in efficiency.

Finally, the crown jewel. CSF’s All-Aluminum Triple Pass Water Radiator. CSF’s design features a dual 42mm row b-tube core design, the b-tube core increases the tube strength meaning a thinner material can be used which increases cooling efficiency and lower weight for such a powerful cooler. The cooler is finished off with CSF’s 1-hour “mirror finish” show polish. This eliminates water coolant issues, dropping coolant temps in our testing by 10c and allowing coolant temps to recover much faster too.

Fitting is simple with all of the parts being a 1:1 replacement of the original items, however, by being much more power the combination of these four coolers means that cooling issues will never be an issue on Ryan’s E92 M3 build.

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