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Project Blueberry Golf 7R Part 8: Brakes, Suspension & a GoodWood Track Event

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_4496Grip & braking improvements are on the menu for this weeks part 8 of the Golf 7R tuning project!

Please Note: all of these parts can be purchased through Regal Autosport online, by email or by calling. Drop-shipping and in-house installation is available on all parts. Feel free to ask for advice, we don’t bite!

Bilstein B16 PSS10 Suspension System: It’s all about the setting Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_4499and that is exactly why we opted for the Bilstein B16 PSS10 kit for our Golf 7R. The B16 kit offers the usual ride height adjustment of a coilover system alongside 10 click rebound and compression adjustment for fine tuning the handling at the track,  tuning the suspension for fast-road or comfort use.

Getting up close and personal with the system, it’s easy to see why Bilstein in renowned for quality and a world leader in suspension technology. The perfect choice for one of the most capable hot hatches ever produced, ey? This kit will also soon be available in Damptronic flavour, integrating perfectly with the owners equipped with dynamic damping control.

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_4497Next up are the Integrated Engineering Top Mounts. These top mounts will allow us to run up to an additional negative 3 degrees of camber over the stock 1 degree of adjustment. Allowing us to dial in the geometry at the front as required to unlock huge grip from the Michelin Pilot Sort cup 2s! As well as this the top mounts replace the factory top mount, meaning less deflection and more consistent geometry.

These are installed onto the Bilstein B16 kit. The IE Camber Plates will also fit almost any other aftermarket suspension kit! Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_4525TyrolSport also sent us a prototype of their MQB DeadSet kit. This kit replaces the factory bolts holding the subframe to the chassis. The stock bolts use elongated holes which can cause misalignment, and wheel alignment to change if moved. These bolts and bushings centralise the subframe, keeping geometry where set and improving the front end feel. Also included are two subframe braces. Tasty!

Here you can see where the TyrolSport DeadSet kit is fitted to the subframe…Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_4520Next up we replaced the factory paper air filter element with a much freer flowing K&N cotton gauze element to help increase flow of the ultra efficient factory airbox…Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_4517A few shots of the Bilstein B16 PSS10 Suspension Kit

Regal-Autosport-Golf-R-8v-s3-7r-Cupra-Pagid-TyrolSport-Bilstein-Integrated-Engineering-Handling-Castrol-IMG_3254Here’s what the car looked like at Players…

and some on-board footage. Due to the strict noise limits at GoodWood we were short shifting and lifting at three points on the circuit to adhere to the limit. This is due to the full decat exhaust, in which we will be installing a resonated in to reduce the volume.

With the Bilstein B16s set to just 5 clicks (half setting) this provided great ride quality on the road, and a huge leap in performance on the track. The car feeling much more stable on corner entry, stability at speed and stability under braking. The stability under braking was much needed as the Pagid RSL2s provided phenomenal braking power, clamping onto the Tarox discs lap after lap with zero fade, stopping from up to 140mph without complaint.

This setup will be further refined for VAG Tuner Live at Donnington un July, we hope to see you there!



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