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Project Blueberry Golf 7R Part 5: Large Bore Intake Hose

MQB-Turbo-Inlet-Hose-Regal-Autosport-Golf-MK7-R-GTI-8V-S3-MK7R-IMG_3878Free The Flow.

With our Golf 7R at APR Stage 1 power, we were hungry for more. “Well, fit an exhaust then” I hear you all cry! We already have a very special system being handcrafted in Philidelphia by AWE Tuning, the 3″ SwitchPath Exhaust with 102mm Chrome Silver Tips & Resonated Euro 6 Compliant Downpipe! However we’ve still got a little longer wait for this system, so in the meantime our friends at VRS Northampton sent down their Large Bore Intake Hose for MQB 2.0TFSI engines to test which are fitted to the MK7 Golf GTI, MK7 Golf R, 8V S3, Leon Cupra & Octavia VRS.

The Problem: 

The factory intake hose has a diameter that reduces throughout, reducing from the airbox down to the turbo inlet, which is particularly small. Resulting in reduced flow, restricting performance. Check out how small, below…

The Remedy:

The Turbo Technics Large Bore Intake Hose features a larger diameter from the air intake down to the turbo inlet, with a specially machined from billet bellmouth with a venturi type funnel design to increase airflow velocity into the turbocharger inlet. All of these features result in proven and tangible performance gains.

Simple and quick to install this intake hose will greatly improve the driving experience of any 2.0TFSI equipped MQB car.

The Results:

Testing was carried out on our APR Stage 1 ECU & TCU/DSG Late 2015 Golf 7 without any other upgrades. Gains were as high as 12HP and 13LBFTS on the dyno (see the results below), and on the road the car now pulls noticeably harder throughout the mid and high end of the rev range. For an upgrade that costs as little as £189 and installs in under 40 minutes, it provides a tangible improvement in performance. A must have for any Gen 3 2.0 TFSI owner!

  • Dotted Lines = Late 2015 Golf 7R completely stock hardware + APR Stage 1 ECU & TCU Software
  • Solid Lines = Same Car + Large Bore Intake Hose


  • Proven Power & Torque Gains on Stock & Remapped Cars – Late 2015 DSG Golf R Stage 1 APR Gained 13TQ & 12HP @ 5000RPM 
  • Less Turbo Lag
  • Compliments any performance aftermarket intake, but also fits on the stock intake.
  • Dress up your engine bay with Blue or Red or keep a factory look with Black 
  • Installs in under 40 minutes 

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