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Project Blueberry Golf 7R Part 13: NEW! APR Stage 2 Version 2.5!



APR Stage 2 gets an update to V2.5, adds more power, torque and response!As part of their constant product development APR has released their V2.5 software, and is available as a free upgrade to all existing APR customers from Stage 2 (there is also a revised Stage 1 file). This software features revised throttle, ignition, fuelling, boost, VVT and many other tables, this software delivers a tangible performance gain vs. the previous software files.

Once installed, the Golf 7R feels instantaneously more powerful and responsive verses the previous software, which is an impressive feat by itself.

With the butt dyno box ticket it was time to hit our Mustang MD-500AWD dyno to quantify the gain. The APR software provided punchy torque gains of 20lbfts and 15HP. Lifting our Golf 7R into the 400HP/420TQ club! Take a look at the before and after graph below…

If you’ve got an 8V S3 or Golf 7R with APR software, book in for your free upgrade now. If you don’t already have APR software, now is the time to buy!

Please note: Whilst the software cost is free for existing APR software customers, there is a  labour cost for the install which is £40.



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