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Project Blueberry Golf 7R Part 12: Integrated Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake


Just like with intercoolers, there are a lot of cold air intakes on the market for the Golf 7R. Some are better than stock, some are the same as stock and some are worse than stock. If you’ve been reading our previous posts you’ll know our current intake setup on our Golf 7R which is proven for around 380HP & 400TQ is with a Turbo Technics Intake Hose, K&N Panel Filter & Derestricted Airbox.

Over the past year we have tested intakes which vs. our current setup have made less power and intakes which have made the same power, which for a customer would result in wasted money if you are looking for added performance. Until now…

Welcome the Integrated Engineering Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake 



Integrated Engineering’s design boasts a number of market leading features, they say that “Our engineers spared no expense developing this intake system to ensure it is never outperformed by others on the market. The large internal volume and 45 degree angle of the filter result in the highest flowing closed element intake system tested to this point.”


IE quote the air flow increase to be just over 16% when the removable sound door is removed..

regal-autosport-apr-ecu-software-tcu-dsg-ie-intake-fds-intercooler-tt-intake-hose-integrated-engineering-mk7_carbon_intake04What’s the sound door I hear you cry! The sound door is a removable part of the intake whereby you have the option of removing it for 1.4% more flow over closed and a louder induction roar!

regal-autosport-apr-ecu-software-tcu-dsg-ie-intake-fds-intercooler-tt-intake-hose-integrated-engineering-mk7_carbon_intake11or keep it closed for a more refined intake sound

regal-autosport-apr-ecu-software-tcu-dsg-ie-intake-fds-intercooler-tt-intake-hose-integrated-engineering-img_4986Just like with all of our other upgrades, we headed to our dyno to test the intake. Rolling road runs were conducted with the following spec:

Dotted Lines

  • APR Stage 2 ECU Remap
  • APR DSG Remap
  • Turbo Technics Intake Hose
  • K&N Panel Filter
  • Derestricted Stock Airbox
  • Scorpion Downpipe with Stock Cat-Back
  • Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler System

Solid Lines, Above + Integrated Engineering Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake 


Back to back test results prove that the IE Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake delivers added horsepower and torque across the whole rev range, with maximum gains of 20TQ at 2700RPM & 10HP at 6250RPM. All of this on an already highly upgraded Golf 7R!

On the road the Golf 7R now pulls much harder across the whole rev range, but most noticeably so into the rev limiter.

Conclusion: The IE Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake delivers quantifiable gains on the rolling road, but most importantly tangible gains on the road that can be felt across the entire rev range. 

Find the latest pricing, right here – Integrated Engineering Carbon Fibre Cold Air Intake for Golf 7R 



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