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Closed airbox intakes are okay if you want to keep the sound low, but what options are there if you want more drama, an aggressive intake roar?


In-step Integrated Engineering, IE have created a Cold Air Intake with all of the ingredients which create a quite frankly ridiculous intake sound, whilst looking great and delivering performance gains which exceed much of the competition!



IE does this by incorporating a range of market leading features, such as a huge 3 inch intake pipe going down to the turbo elbow, 5 inch filter mounted to a velocity stack. These three features help to produce an intake which flows around 17% better than stock. All of this sits beautifully in the engine bay thanks to the supplied stealth coolant hose which relocates the stock one to under the intake, rather than sitting unsightly on top. The filter is protected from the engine bay heat thanks to a custom heat shield.



Checkout the incredible sound in this video above!


Dyno Verified Performance Gains:


So what does 17% increase in flow actually mean? Well, the IE intake delivers performance gains right across the rev range up until the rev limiter with maximum gains of a huge 15hp and 20lbfts. Checkout the graph below to see these detailed.

  • Dotted Lines = Stock car + APR Stage 1 ECU & DSG
  • Solid Lines = Above + IE Cold Air Intake


Integrated Engineering Intakes are held in-stock and ready to ship, both in open and Carbon forms. These fit MQB chassis vehicles such as the MK7 Golf GTI, MK7 Golf R, 8V S3 and more!


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